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Let’s Skim NYMag’s Glenn Greenwald Profile And See How Stupid It Is

New York Magazine did a profile of Glenn Greenwald. It is a very bad profile.

Yes, Andrew Sullivan, It’s Worse To Remove A Condom During Sex Than It Is To Be A Commie

Andrew Sullivan doesn't think women should tell other women if a man removes a condom during sex.

Who Was Roy Cohn And Why Hath He Forsaken Donald Trump? Apart From Being Dead And All.

Spoiler: Roy Cohn never had a sled named 'Rosebud'

Jill Stein Under Investigation Now, Probably For Being Too Right

Uh oh, here come the mad comments!

Some Idiot Dabbed At Paul Ryan, And Other Stuff. Wonkagenda For Wed., Jan. 4, 2017

The GOP has a REALLY bad day, NAACP protests Jeff Sessions, and Bill O'Reilly hates Hollywood commies! Your morning news brief!
Been a while. We missed this one.

Julian Assange Warns Hillary Clinton Is A Demon Who’ll Murder Us All, Unlike That Nice Mr. Putin

Julian Assange says thing, Wonkette prepares for shitstorm in the comments.
Nothing's more American than an anime girl in a flag bikini

Finally, A Real Plan To Rid Nebraska Schools Of Commie Infiltrators

Hooray! The spirit of McCarthyism is alive and well in Hastings, Nebraska, where for the first time in ages, the local school district has asked all its teachers to comply with a 1951 state law requiring all teachers to...
Spit it out to make room for your foot, Rick Perry, or a dildo, whatever.

Rick Perry Might Go To A Gay Wedding, But Would He F*ck A Groomsman?

Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry was asked everyone's new favorite question Tuesday afternoon. It was on the wingnut Hugh Hewitt's radio programme, and in response to the question, "Would you attend a gay wedding?" Perry was all: I probably would, but I think...

Sundays With The Christianists: American History Textbooks That Will Protect Your Homeschooler’s Precious Bodily Fluids

Yay for the 1950s! One of the best times in America, according to our textbooks for Christian schools, though of course the Gilded Age was pretty darn awesome as well. Our 8th-grade textbook, America: Land I Love (A...

WND Columnist Complains About Continuing ‘Slander’ Of Joe McCarthy, Without An Ounce Of Irony

There are ebbs and flows in the deluge of rancid insanity that oozes into the turd-polishing traps of World Net Daily. Right now we experiencing one of those VERY high tide days. Ted Nugent posted about how he loves...

Michele Bachmann Says She ‘Never Questioned Barack Obama’s Patriotism’

The proudly ignorant baby farmer and bold anti-flourescent light crusader Michele Bachmann, Congresswoman from Minnesota, has been horribly victimized by the liberal left-wing anti-American attack machine. All these crazy leftists have been watching this Hardball interview she gave last...