mccain condoms

TOYS FOR CHILDREN  1:56 pm July 7, 2008

by Jim Newell

GIMME GIMME GIMME: Here is an appropriately rat-sized “McCain Party Box,” one of the various cash crops that will be sold (for money!) at the upcoming Republican National Convention. What, pray tell, cums inside a McCain Party Box? [Sigh]. It will probably just be toffee or some other old man candy. [Star-Tribune]

JOHN MCCAIN  1:02 pm June 12, 2008

Get Railed By John McCain!

by Jim Newell

Hey ladies and gay men, have we got the sexy ticket for you today! Your lovers can now purchase McCain Condoms, a promotion by the Practice Safe Policy organization. Having trouble pleasing your partner? Well just throw on ol’ Johnny Latex, with an image of WALNUTS! emblazoned on your “McCock,” and… well… you will last […]