As a gift to comedy, performance artist/Toronto Mayor Rob Ford announced Thursday night that he’s running for another term. “I’m running on my record and my record is second to none,” Ford said at the Toronto Congress Centre. “I’m the most open hard-working mayor this city has ever had. I continue to pledge honesty and […]

It’s nice to know that you can count on your friends. For instance, accused murderer Frazier Glenn Miller (or Frazier Glenn Cross, depending on which of his pseudonyms you like) has a good friend in Daniel Clevenger, the newly elected mayor of Marionville, Missouri. In an astonishingly unembarrassed chat with Springfield, Missouri, TV station KSPR, […]

Let’s take a moment to remember somebody who we just heard about for the first time yesterday when we saw the news that he’d died: Jackson, Mississippi, Mayor Chokwe Lumumba, who died suddenly Tuesday of unknown causes. Seriously, Jackson Freaking Mississippi had a mayor who was born in 1947 with the name “Edwin Taliaferro,” but […]

Hi-diddly-ho, Wonkerinos, and welcome to another installment of Derp Roundup, the feature where we scrape up a bunch of stories that were too stoopid to ignore altogether, but not quite worth a full post of their own. It’s like Thanksgiving leftovers that have sat out too long, except they were kind of rotten to begin […]

Step aside, Trey Radel, we’ve found a new candidate for “America’s Rob Ford.” Behold Mayor Gordon Jenkins of the village of Monticello, New York, venting his frustrations on an innocent interview-room wall clock after a DWI arrest on November 16. He is not a happy fella.

Would you believe that Rob Ford is still the Mayor of Toronto? Of course you would, because the man does not know the meaning of “give up.” Literally. He is so wrecked he may not even know his own name anymore. Here is a snippet of completely context-free video of Ford ranting in an impaired […]

Old Handsome Joe Biden accidentally called the wrong Martin Walsh Tuesday night to congratulate him on being elected Mayor of Boston. Instead of reaching the new mayor, OHJB called a former Ted Kennedy staffer with the same name, starting the conversation with a friendly “You son of a gun, Marty! You did it!” After Walsh […]

Greenbrier, Tennessee, Mayor Billy Wilson was arrested Monday and charged with theft for stealing funds from the city’s Toys for Tots charity. At press time, the whereabouts of the town’s supply of Tar Tinkers, Who Hoovers, Gar Ginkers and Slu Slumkers could not be ascertained, although it is thought that Wilson may have already sold […]

Here is Toronto Mayor Rob Ford screaming “Get off my driveway” and “Thank you!” at some reporters Thursday morning. Toronto police said Thursday that they have that cell-phone video that allegedly shows the magnificent douchebarge smoking crack, but the mayor said yesterday afternoon that he has “no reason to resign,” possibly because he is as […]

As part of a mediation deal in his sexual harassment lawsuit, San Diego’s creepy harassment Mayor Bob Filner is expected to resign Friday. Filner was seen removing boxes from City Hall yesterday and loading them into an SUV, so it appears that he will not have to be escorted from the building by Security. It […]

Nice work, Daily Caller “News” “Foundation”! You’ve got a throwaway news item — Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa’s new job as a visiting fellow at Harvard — and used it as the stock for a bouillabaisse of casual lies and pointed misinformation! Young Robby Soave, “reporter,” must be quite proud of him! How are you […]

Aww yeah — Anthony Weiner’s delightfully zaftig, beach flopping, tatted-up phone-sexting partner Sydney Leathers has gone and made herself a porno! And what pray-tell is the gal who declared that dear old Carlos Danger is “too busy jacking off to be mayor” doing in said video? Why jacking off of course! And just how many […]

You know how San Diego Mayor Bob “Dirty Old Man” Filner is, like, the creepiest mayor what ever mayored and sexually harassed three four ALL the women? Well, don’t get your panties in a twist; his lawyer says it’s not his fault! “The city has a legal obligation to provide sexual harassment training to all […]

In today’s edition of Political Rock Out With Your Cock Out, four more women have come forward to accuse San Diego Mayor Bob Filner, who is obviously not a Democrat or Wonkette would not be writing about him, of being a serial creeper who can’t ever be in a room with a woman without very […]

San Diego Mayor Bob Filner is being pressured to resign after a number of former supporters have come forward with accusations that the first-term Democrat had sexually harassed them. While the mayor has released a video in which he apologizes for treating women on his staff disrespectfully, even admitting “I need help,” Filner also somehow […]