Usually we dig on Massachusetts because it is chock full of gay-loving liberals (though we are a little worried about your Jew-jailing schoolchildren right now) but that is because we forget about the weird Republicans that also inhabit the Bay State. Recently, one of them coughed up this dog’s breakfast of an idea: why not […]

FRIDAY TWOFER OF SHAME! Part I: Scott Brown, that handsome former Senator fellow who once accused Elizabeth Warren of masquerading as a Red Indian, is expected to “launch an exploratory committee for a U.S. Senate bid in New Hampshire,” which is weird because we thought he already did something like that? And he drew a […]

Well that escalated quickly. On Wednesday, the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court ruled that creepers couldn’t be prosecuted for taking creepy upskirt photos, because of the way the existing Peeping Tom law was written. And then the state legislature got to it, passed a new law, and Gov. Deval Patrick signed it this Friday morning. Our US Congress […]

So let’s say you are a skirt-wearing person and you would like to ride public transportation in Massachusetts. You would likely think that if someone tried to take an upskirt picture of your lacy underthings or junk swinging free or whatever you have under there, that would be illegal. Haha you are wrong. The Supreme […]

Man, this Sunday’s New York Times is a total drag. Some communist must have taken over the real estate section, because all we have are stories of people looking for co-ops in Bed-Stuy or some such nonsense. Not a single $20 million house story! UNFAIR. INPEACH NEW YORK TIMES. Oh well. This week’s paper does […]

As usual, please resist the urge to hurl your computer across the room. Today, we have a pair of horrible people who have (ALLEGEDLY) done terrible things: A former county Republican Party chair who resigned shortly before being charged with raping a paralegal after an office party. A mall Santa who has been charged with […]

Joel Pollak, freed from overseeing the playground at Ghost Andrew Breitbart’s Internet Home For Ostensibly Grown People Who Still Eat Play-Doh, now has all the time in the world to come up with really great and incisive analysis. Unfortunately, in “OBAMA USES MASSACHUSETTS TO PUSH OBAMACARE; IGNORED SCOTT BROWN IN 2010,” he seems to have […]

You have to admire the creative thinking of Texas candidate for Lieutenant Governor Jerry Patterson. He doesn’t want Texas to secede from the United States; that’d be dumb. He loves Real America. Instead, how about we get rid of the states what Hate America? “I get lots of questions all the time, ‘Well, we should secede.’ I […]

From North American campuses, we have two stirring tales of bold thinkers who are unafraid to be conventional. First, at Smith College, the sad tale of an unnamed woman who sought to fight back against the rampant gay-friendliness of the Northampton, Massachusetts private college’s social scene. All she wanted, she said, was a place where […]

Carl Sciortino Jr. is this impossibly cute baby candidate in the special election to fill the House seat previously held by Ed Markey, who replaced John Kerry in the Senate. We like this kid, and we’d vote to send him to the House of Representatives, if only to get him off our lawn. His dad, […]

Wowsers, wonkadoodlers, we have a bona-fide catfight on our hands in Kentucky. Claws are coming out, and before long, we imagine that there will be hair-pulling, eye-gouging, and possibly bitch-slaps, all with words, of course. The primary battle between ninja-turtle-reject Sen. Mitch McConnell and Tea Party challenger Matt Bevin is quickly going from nasty to […]

Scott Brown has been wandering the grounds of the Iowa State Fair, telling visitors he is “exploring a possible run” for president in 2016. The Des Moines Register followed him around the fair as he ate a corn dog, “adopted a goofy pose” in front of a prize bull, and introduced himself to voters: ”I’m […]

Oh. My. God. Libruls are TEH WORST! Damn hippies always seeking to create policy that benefits ‘the poors,’ when we all know that John Calvin, Wordy Shipmates, Shining City on a Hill, America, fuck yeah. Who are the heretics today who seek to desecrate the foundational principles of Jesus’s Capitalist Emporium for Jesus? None other […]

Remember how much Republicans want people to go hungry? And how much they don’t care about the poors and kids (except for the unborn masturbating kind?) But amongst the fecal-dwelling goblin-cave that is Capitol Hill, a hero stands ready to fight. A man who will not force the poors to eat their bootstaps. A man […]

 Just in case you are unfamiliar with Reinhart-Rogoff: they are a pair of economists who published a very famous paper purporting to show that high public debt to GDP ratio leads to negative economic growth. This paper was waved around by people like Paul Ryan, who used it to argue that cutting Social Security and Medicaid and […]