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President Obama will deliver a eulogy Tuesday for Americans murdered in a mass shooting. He's had too much practice at this.

Did you know the House Democrats' gun control sit-in was very rude and against the rules? Let's punish them!

Let's all try to get excited about Chuck Schumer! Or at least laugh at Dinesh D'Souza one more time.

There's a lot of 'allegedly' in this story, but boy oh boy, if this is true.

What, you wanted background checks and stuff like that? Are you some kind of Communist?

As gently as possible, may we suggest that it's probably time for him to STFU?

And Disney World? They were scoping out Disney World? What is even going on here?

All of a sudden it's starting to make more sense.

Click this, it will make you feel better.

Good White Christian Americans need to step off and shut their yaps.

Will Obama stop at NOTHING to pry every gun out of every cold, clammy, dead head in America?

If there's one thing that makes Republicans say "Oh my stars!" and "Well I never!" it is racism. STOP LAUGHING, we are not done...

A week after pussing out on the chance to show up at CNN's "town hall" discussion of guns, where President Obama cruelly taunted them...

Since nobody actually watched the GOP undercard debate Thursday (at least, not sober), most people probably missed the evening's most insistent reality denial on...

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