Way out in the western part of the great state of Maryland is a mountainous land that is mostly rural and white and working class, more Winter’s Bone than The Wire. This corner of the state has been represented approximately forever by Roscoe Bartlett, an 86-year-old Republican who has something of a reputation of being […]

Well thank heavens, the Paper of Record is here to valiantly defend a Fortune 500 company from bereaved parents and the internet, which is exactly why we have the First Amendment, of COURSE –to better enable our press corps to write articles like this one, which is literally called  “Progressive’s Side of the Insurance Case […]

The Maryland Senate passed a bill allowing same-sex marriage that the House also passed last week, which the governor will now sign shortly, hooray! This makes Maryland the first state with a direct reference to Catholicism in its name to legalize gay marriage and the eighth state to do so overall, which immediately forced Virginia […]

Haha, here is the best argument ever made for shutting down the entire U.S. government bureaucracy:  a Maryland county inspector fined a group of children $500 for selling lemonade to raise money for a children’s cancer charity, because these small freeloaders did not have a permit. No permit, no cure for cancer, children!

Michael Steele was (barely) chosen as the Republican Party chairman a few years ago as a response to Barack Obama’s election to the presidency. Not a political response, so much as an image-y kind of thing. It’s hard to remember now, but the trend in 2008-2009 was all about tall, dark and handsome men. Especially […]

A former Baltimore cop, carpet installer and wingnut host of some web-only thing called “Liberty Works Radio Network” has been arrested for the shooting murder of his next-door neighbor, because the neighbor’s dog allegedly wouldn’t stay in its own yard. Charles “Pete” Richter (?), a 66-year-old ex-cop and failed candidate for Queen Anne’s County sheriff […]

You know how you know when a constant terror threat level alert is working? When people actually go so crazy that they start sending packages that “ignite and smoke” to the head of the Homeland Security Safety Mall Corporation. This is really going on! People in Maryland are sending smoke bombs addressed to Janet Napolitano […]

Andy Harris is an anesthesiologist and newly-elected Republican member of Congress from Maryland who ran on an anti-health-care-reform platform, but at an orientation yesterday, he got VERY ANGRY that the government will not provide him with free health care instantly after being sworn into office in January. The government is ruining our nation’s health by […]

Did you know that this is the summer of the mosque? So says important daily journalism product The Washington Post, because of a zoning debate in a city several hundred miles away from where the Post’s subscriber base is centered. Naturally, the best way for them to exploit this summer theme for massive readership was […]

This is probably supposed to be an attack ad, but isn’t little old Barbara Mikulski just so CUTE when her head is attached to a Tyrannosaurus Rex’s body? And then Reid and Pelosi are too? That should be how Congress does its official portraits. It’s very endearing! ANYWAY, this Eric Wargotz guy is not afraid […]

BREAKING NEWS: That crazy guy who was maybe strapped with a bomb and took hostages in the Discovery Channel headquarters in Silver Spring was shot (UPDATE: and killed) and all the hostages are safe. Hooray! His name is James Lee, and he protested there a lot, and one time he threw thousands of dollars in […]

Sarah Palin knows that one of the things that makes modern America great is that we don’t abide losers, especially when it comes to politics. Once you’ve lost, you should just get the hell out and go home, because America is bored with you (unless you lost as a running mate, obviously). Really, how did […]

Important Washington Post person Ashley Halsey III found some online poll on the paper’s website, and the results are apparently worth an article: PEOPLE DO NOT LIKE THIS WAR OF 1812 MARYLAND LICENSE PLATE DESPITE THEIR ALLEGED PATRIOTISM.


by Jim Newell

THIS IS WHY WE NEED A BLOGGERS UNION FOR CHRIST’S SAKE: Now this is interesting, isn’t it. From Maryland politics blogger Adam Pugnacco: “Five weeks ago, I received an unsolicited offer from the Washington Post. They asked if they could post my picture and biography on their website and link to every new blog post […]

MEET YOUR CANDIDATES  5:12 pm March 24, 2010

by Jim Newell

GOOD NEWS FOR MARYLAND! To your editor’s fellow Maryland natives, as well as current residents and people who simply care about Maryland politics for some reason: he’s ba-ack! Ex-Gov. Bobby Ehrlich — an asshole and born-again wingnut radio host — looks like he’s going to run against Gov. Martin O’Malley this year, in an Epic […]