martin luther king jr. day

You know who is the greatest friend The Blacks ever had? We mean besides Donald Trump. It is awesome rock & roller and Republican Minority Outreach Specialist Ted Nugent! He is always talking about how he is not racist because he loves Motown and some other “reasons” probably too, oh, we remember one, he is […]

What’s that moving rhetoric and stunning cadence we hear? It couldn’t be Martin Luther King, Jr., because he’s — oh! It’s Sarah Palin! Sometimes we confuse the two, seeing as they are basically the same person.

Back in early 2007, the clowns running the nascent Hillary Clinton For President campaign thought it would be a good idea to stop in famous Selma, Alabama to deliver a sermon at a black church and show off Hillary Clinton’s own Negro Dialect. It was hilarious. That’s all. [YouTube]