martin luther king

In yet another Wonkette Deleted Comment Come to Life, we now learn that Barack Hussein Obama is personally responsible for the recent racist outbursts by welfare rancher Cliven Bundy and sportsball reptile Donald Sterling. And whom do we have to thank for this insight? Great Constitutional Lawyer Larry Klayman, fresh off his stunning victory last […]

You people honestly didn’t think you’d heard the last out of Cliven Bundy, did you? Do not be such sillybillies! Poor old boy’s been forsaken by his pals at Fox, where for nine straight hours Thursday, there was literally no mention of his racist remarks during the daytime news programming, and Gretchen Carlson actually shut […]

Now look, maybe you commie hippies think that the Civil Rights Act was a pretty good idea. It was was signed into law 50 years ago, George Bush celebrated its anniversary last week with a Lyndon Johnsonesque dick joke and all. But have you given any thought to whether it’s actually legal? Freshman Florida congressbagger […]

This week, we’ll wrap up our rightwing Christian-school textbooks’ version of the 1960s as they actually happened — not the way the liberal media would have you believe — with a look at the Civil Rights movement, which is  pretty good timing considering this week’s 50th anniversary of the signing of the 1964 Civil Rights Act. […]

Welcome to another installment of Derp Roundup, the weekly feature where we bring you a bunch of stories that didn’t quite merit their own posts but were too stupid to ignore altogether. As usual, we recommend you fortify yourself with whatever helps you get through reading it — alcohol, weed, or a +10 Potion of […]

Greetings, Time Tourists! We’re almost finished with our visit to the 1950s as seen through the lens of rightwing Christian textbooks. This week, we’ll look at the beginnings of the modern Civil Rights movement, and next week, we’ll wrap up the decade with the books’ coverage of the economic boom of the ’50s. The important […]

Heritage is very very important to some people. No matter how disgraceful their ancestors may be, we all know those Germans Southerners who fly the Nazi Confederate flag in honor of long-dead grand-pappys who fought for the Third Reich Confederacy. And we all know that those folks don’t hate any particular people, but are just […]

Today we commemorate Martin Luther King, Jr., who was born more or less on this day in 1929, a common baby who couldn’t even walk or talk, let alone march. But, like most babies, he grew; unlike most babies, he became the leader of a national freedom movement that in many ways still defines American […]

Well, it pretty much stands to reason that if Ted Nugent is Rosa Parks and the sacred fight against all gun control is the new civil rights movement, then the Multnomah Republican Party should celebrate Martin Luther King and Abraham Lincoln by raffling off an AR-15 rifle (or a handgun of the winner’s choice) at […]

Mitt Romney’s chances of winning Pennsylvania’s electoral votes were dealt a serious blow on Friday as a Commonwealth Court judge issued a permanent injunction against the enforcement of PA’s strict voter ID law. In the ruling, Judge Bernard L. McGinley noted that, despite compelling evidence that the law would disenfranchise hundreds of thousands of eligible voters, […]

Libertarian annoyance Neal Boortz, filling in as host of the Herman Cain radio show (which is an actual thing), added his fair-taxed two cents to the Great Santa Is White Stupid Foofaraw of 2013 Monday, explaining that 1) Santa is, yes, a white Caucasian European-American honky, and 2) Because shut up, he just is, all […]

Rep. Ted Yoho (R-Duh) is turning out to be the great civil rights leader of our generation. He is stalwart in his freedom-fighting against the reverse racism of Obamacare, argle bargling truth to power, standing up for the rights of the Taxed Enough AlreadyTM melatonin-deficient. And do you know why? No, it is not because […]

Amoebic dysentery vector Laura Ingraham celebrated the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom yesterday by chatting with Pat Buchanan about black-on-white crime, fretting that liberals were stealing the legacy of Martin Luther King, and cutting off a recording of a speech by civil rights hero John Lewis with the sound […]

When former (Republican) senator Lamar Alexander quoted Alex Haley, the author of Roots, at the Inauguration yesterday, Breitbart-remnant writer John Nolte knew exactly what was called for! You see, Alexander was a close friend of Haley (despite being a Republican — weird, right?), and invoked the late writer while introducing Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor: […]

Look, we have found a single “article” that is a great example of everything wrong with journalism and a lot of things wrong with conservatism, ALL AT THE SAME TIME! Pretty amazing, right? It is not often that we get to make fun of CNN, contemporary American journalism, and conservatives all in the same post, […]