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Do Right-Wingers Just Not Understand How Buying In Bulk Works?

We need a political analysis of Costco customers, stat.
You too can scam your way to the Republican nomination. Ask me how!

Trump’s ‘University’ Flopped Even Worse Than His Tiny Penis

While most of the excitement over Donald Trump Monday involved either his friendliness to the KKK or Marco Rubio's speculation about Trump's itsy-bitsy penis, we would also like to remind you all of something else that Donald Trump promised...
all woman, no kidneys

Rejoice! New Barbie Body Types Will Enhance Self-Esteem Of Mattel Shareholders

This week we'll talk about dolls, soda and lying because deep down, like most of us, our Corporate Persons are runny-nosed little kids. Barbie's new curves not as hot as some of the takes they're producing Barbie! She's...

Dirty Dirty Crude And Other Great Gifts From Your Corporate Overlords

Are you looking for the perfect gift for the Corporate Person in your life who has everything? Or maybe you're a Corporate Person looking for just the right something to give a lobbyist or board member. You've come to the...
Vatican expert

Mike Huckabee: Hawking Fake Diabetes Cures Proves I’ll Be A Great President

Republican presidential "candidate" Mike Huckabee is in trouble with liberals like CBS's Bob Schieffer for, among other things, appearing in infomercials hawking "Diabetes Solution Kits" (yours for just $19.95!), which encourage healthy eating, exercise, oh and also curing diabetes with...