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This weekend Bloomberg Media decided to double down on its political coverage with a game change of an announcement: the company has hired veteran stenographers John Heilemann and Mark Halperin to launch a new website that will cover America’s political news and policy. What a relief! No one has leveraged a big name in political […]

There’s a new book out about the 2012 election that made Barack Obama dictator for life (again) and exiled Mitt Romney to the wolf-stalked beaches of Southern California. It’s called “Double Down,” probably after the KFC bacon and cheese and two hunks of fried chicken instead of bread sandwich, because like the sandwich it appeals […]

I like to learn a fun fact every day, and today I learned TWO fun facts! One is that people still actually read Time, and two is that Romneybot 6000 doesn’t have a scripted response to questions about what he learned from Bain or how Bain in any way qualifies him to be the president […]

Unlikable jabbering punditurd Mark Halperin got a very important interview with soon-to-be presidential candidate and wingnut imbecile heartthrob Rick Perry. Mark Halperin named this mammoth journalistic achievement, “He Speaks,” which is also Jesus-talk for “God said something important.” Interesting information! Does Mark Halperin have something to “reveal?” Is Rick Perry God? Does He maybe have […]

Mark Halperin is that guy nobody likes who writes/jabbers about politics and Washington. In this way, he is also every pundit jabbering about Washington and politics on the cable news, but he is also especially awful. So the world rejoiced a few minutes ago when MSNBC suspended Halperin for calling Barack Obama a “dick.” This […]

Apparently everyone decided yesterday was the start of the 2012 presidential election, and Mark Halperin of Time (or as Politico calls it, “Time” magazine, snarkily) reported that a “Romney intimate” (GROSS!) does not believe Sarah Palin is a “‘serious human being,” correctly. So Politico called up a Palin intimate (ALSO GROSS), and that person does […]

THE NEGRO PROBLEM  2:01 am January 13, 2010

by Wonkette Jr.

WHEN HARRY MET NEGROES: “Republicans are very angry with Reid this week, and not just because he’s a powerful Democrat in Washington about to pass the thing Republicans hate more than Islam, which is affordable health care for Americans.” [Las Vegas Weekly]

Minority Leader Mitch McConnell has said a brave “the fuck I care” to his friends, Some Republicans, who are demanding that McConnell order Mark Halperin’s PR rep. Harry Reid to step down as Senate Majority Leader. “‘I think that is an issue for the Democratic conference,’ McConnell said at morning press conference at the Capitol. […]

Oh man this is what we get for not watching the sexy news show for old people, 60 Minutes. They had a JUICY SEGMENT last night about the hilariously awful McCain presidential campaign of 2008, with lots of scoopy revelations from top McCain adviser Steve Schmidt and also Washington’s reigning divas of snark, John Heilemann […]

Ooh la la! TIME magazine’s president of sadness, Mark Halperin, appears to be having the whack of his life right now, reading Sarah Palin’s book. Or at least someone Photoshopped to look like Mark Halperin is! (Fred Thompson??) What is the fake masturbating Mark Halperin/Fred Thompson computer robot discovering?

Time magazine chief clownsack Mark Halperin, the reporter who modernized “bullshit” for the post-Cold War era, is cold goin’ nuts in this, the most anticipated edition of HALPERIN’S TAKE in 350 years. He actually produces some trenchant TAKES within his ten TAKES, but we all know that this is what’s really getting him all riled […]

TIME magazine’s chief political sociopath Mark Halperin, who is right about most things, in politics, is urging readers of his The Page website to memorize Sean Hannity’s interpretation of Sarah Palin’s steamy resignation, oh boy. Sean Hannity says not to trust the media! Since such parameters would ostensibly include Mark Halperin, we agree with Sean […]

Here’s “the news:” tomorrow morning, Barack Obama will speak at 10:10 to outline his plan for closing Guantanamo Bay, if there still is a plan, while Dick Cheney will speak to the American Enterprise Institute at 10:30 re: his favorite torture moments. In other words, if you live anywhere in the continental United States and […]

WATER COOLER TOPICS!  4:31 pm March 10, 2009

by Jim Newell

LET’S JUST FUEL THIS MEGHAN MCCAIN/ANN COULTER FEUD FOR A FEW MORE MINUTES AND THEN KILL OURSELVES: Speaking of death, have you heard about this thing where Ann Coulter and Bill Maher are on a “debate tour” with Mark Halperin serving as moderator? Does one actually pay to attend this? In any event, Halperin asked […]

Oh sure it’s an old joke, mispronouncing House minority leader John Boehner’s last name (it’s really pronounced “Choire”). But still: ha ha, “penis.” Halperin YOU SCALAWAG, you totally had this in mind. [The Page]