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Sexpot Congressman Admits Affair, And Another Affair, And Probably Like 900 Million Other Affairs Too

Democratic Rep. Tim Mahoney, the freshman Congressman who took over gay pedophile Mark Foley's Florida seat in 2006, has confessed that he boned that person Pat, and that he boned another Florida trailer trash county administrator, and that he...

Mark Foley’s Replacement Was Doing This Non-Wife Person

THIRTEEN DAYS, people, THIRTEEN DAYS it took this year to hear about some sweet Cocktober 2008 action. People just aren't having as much inappropriate scandal sex this year, who knows why, maybe because of the Surge. But. The man...

Mark Foley’s Name Will Be Cleared!

A long time ago right before this current presidential campaign began, in 2006, there was a charming middle-aged Florida bachelor congressman named Mark Foley who loved to masturbate while typing dirty messages to the boy-children who served as Congressional...

Mark Foley Is Getting Desperate

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