marian robinson

Doge knows we could all use some Nice Time right now, and could there be anything better than watching Michelle Obama coo over some pandas at a reserve in China? No, there could not. So here is Her Highness and Most Exalted Queen of All Americans, along with her mother and daughters, on a tour […]

Yesterday your Wonkette took its turn to write about the “hot new Internet article,” this thing from Townhall, about how Michelle Obama’s mother Marian Robinson has been practicing Satanic witchcraft — or “witchcraft mumbo-jumbo,” as Barack Obama calls it — inside the White House. The author of this important piece of investigative blog journalism, however, […]

Yes she is! Read it on the Internet, we did! Apparently Marian Robinson, Michelle Obama’s mother, performs Satanic “Afro-Hispanic” witchcraft rituals, in the White House. Barack Obama is piping mad, because how would this affect his IMAGE? Poorly! This story and all of its quotes are true. Jane Mayer of the New Yorker is one […]