margaret thatcher

You kind of figured this had to be on the way: Internet wingnuts are now complaining that by honoring the memory of Nelson Mandela, Barack Obama is retroactively insulting other people, conservatives especially. This is only logical. For instance, Dead Breitbart’s Home For Scabies-Afflicted Dingos has a lengthy piece about the horrible, horrible slur that […]

So here is legendary thespian Glenda Jackson, who is also a Member of Parliament for Hampstead and Kilburn, tramping the dirt down on Margaret Thatcher, Thatcherism, and their effects on Great Britain.

Hey, guys, did you hear about how the Kenyan Usurper is pissing on the not-yet-dug grave of Margaret Thatcher? Thanks to the completely sane coverage at the “Christian” “News” “Service,” we know that the Chicago thug tweeted a brief message in response to the death of fellow Chicago thug Roger Ebert within 30 minutes of […]

Buzzfeed reports that the #nowthatchersdead hashtag was started by the one-joke website “Is Thatcher Dead Yet?” which now reads “Yes.”

We remember seeing this book, Raymond Briggs’ The Tin-Pot Foreign General and the Old Iron Woman, when it was released in 1984. Any youngsters among the Wonkettariat may need a bit of background on the Falklands War before watching. (Hint: It was a bloody postcolonial fuck-tussle in which Argentina invaded some islands to prove it […]

This one time, Sarah Palin told everyone she had been invited to London to see the English president, Margaret Thatcher, and Margaret Thatcher’s people were all verily, Horatio, and forsooth, the lady she is crack’d. (They meant Palin.) And then some guy was all, PSHAW peasants! Margaret Thatcher is the kindest, warmest, gentlest maid the […]

As we’ve mentioned now and then, our 10th-grade homeschooling textbook, World History and Cultures In Christian Perspective, is very much a product of the Reagan era; even though its most recent version was published in 2010, it maintains the aggrieved tone of the Moral Majority types who helped Reagan come to power. There are some […]

One of the nifty things about World History and Cultures In Christian Perspective, our 10th-grade textbook for homeschoolers, is that the editors do not suffer from any uncertainty about anything. None of that nonsense about differing opinions and disagreements among scholars here — things are on God’s side or are evidence of depravity, and it […]

Deroy Murdock at the NRO is really peeved, you guys, because he’s somehow accidentally managed to hear about things like “income inequality” and “fairness.” He’s TRIED to cover his ears and go la la la la la la and never ever watch anything other than Fox News, but that doesn’t drown out the screams of […] has our number, along with a new feature, “Wonkette Refuted,” responding to a “randomly chosen” article from Your Wonkette! The first victim? GOP To Ronald Reagan’s Secretary: Pay Those Taxes Harder! Unfortunately, this self-described “group of old men lamenting the destruction of the nation” seems to be unfamiliar with how the actual process of […]

Here’s an interesting sales pitch from some super PAC supporting Michele Bachmann which we will now (pretty closely) paraphrase for you: “Professional football player Tim Tebow is not very smart, he has a problem with accuracy, and his holier-than-thou Christian shtick is incredibly irritating to many observers — which makes him exactly like Michele Bachmann.” […]

OMG, you guys, Glenn Beck is dying! At least we think so, as he is very cryptic about it. He got all teary and such on his radio show today, and while that’s pretty much an every-second occurrence for him, this time he seemed resigned to the fact that he will die, or something, soon. […]

Sarah Palin didn’t even have a passport before 2007, and the only non-America places she’s ever been to are Canada (“America del Norte”), Mexico (for body shots at Señor Frog’s), and U.S. military bases in Germany and Kuwait. Like many an American, she’s trying to slowly work her way up the ladder of exoticness, so […]