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This is actually an adult doggie now. Good dog, Champ!

Joe Biden Says He’s Running In 2020, And LOL OK STOP TEASING!

It could happen! But let's also start talking about the new generation of badass Democrat leaders, too.

Ask Wonkette: Can Melon Trump Indeed Sue For Rose Words About Her Son?

Wonkette helpfully answers readers' questions, helpfully.

Here Is Barack Obama’s Final Turkey Pardon And Festival Of Dad Jokes

We miss you already, Barry.

Barack Obama Has A Message About Hillary Clinton For YOU DUMB BOYS

Tanned, Rested, and Ready

These Are The Songs Sexxxy Obama Listens To When He’s Pumping His Sex Body

BONUS VIDEO: Obama texting like a 16-year-old girl!

Who Wouldn’t Want To Share A Blanket Fort With Michelle Obama And Stephen Colbert?

Everything about Michelle Obama's appearance on Colbert was AMAZING.
Just the unborn kind though

Bob Woodward So Tired Of How Both Sides Are Exactly As Bad As Donald Trump

Great Journalist Bob Woodward has thoughts about The Tone.

Malia Obama Spotted Inhaling Devil Drugs, Don’t Tell Her Mom And Dad!

Um, guys, can we let Malia Obama be a normal 18-year-old kid?

President Obama Loves The Ladies, In The Feminist Type Way

Take a moment to bask in the knowledge that yes, for real, this is our president.
You don't bring me flowers...you don't sing me love songs...

Dinesh D’Souza’s Favorite Candidate Takes On Amy Schumer’s Cousin: Your Senate Sunday

Let's all try to get excited about Chuck Schumer! Or at least laugh at Dinesh D'Souza one more time.

What A Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Week It Was. Your Weekly Top Ten

Well, Wonkers, we made it. It is Saturday morning, after a really terrible, very sad week. But we are here, and we have your weekly top ten stories list! Surprise, a lot of them are about the Orlando tragedy....

GOP Senator Just Saying He Hopes Sasha And Malia Obama’s Dad Dies Real Soon

Haha, conservative Christians are so funny when they pray for people to die!
They still love us. Suckers!

Obama About To Reveal Self As Bought-And-Paid-For Corporate Shillary For Hillary

Sources Familiar With Obama's Sexytime Schemes are saying the president will formally endorse Hillary Clinton this week.

Barack Obama Is A Puppet Of The Cuban Dictatorship, LITERALLY

Hey, did you hear that our president, the great Kenyo-nesian dictator Barack Of Obama, took his whole family to Cuba, thus destroying America and making Jesus sad? It happened! Tuesday morning, President Obama will give what is being billed as a...
Seriously, Dad, stop saying you're 'verklempt.'

Let’s Cluck Like Proud Grandparents At Lovely Young Ladies Sasha And Malia Obama

While we could never hope to equal the visual and narrative grandeur of Evan's brilliant Barack Obama/Justin Trudeau slashfic (are you one of the four people on the internet who hasn't read it yet? What's wrong with you? Go...