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Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue, Sean Penn Wrote Some Bullshit About #MeToo

There are maybe five living non-teenagers in the world who have any business writing poetry. Sean Penn is not one of them.

OK Everyone, You Punished Kathy Griffin Real Good, Now Shut The Fuck Up

Can this story be over now please?

Alex Jones Having Conniption About Something Or Other, We Don’t Know

Apparently physically threatening sitting US congressmen is NOT ALLOWED. Unfair!

Wonkette Editrix Wins CNN

It's our Editriix! On the Teevee!
Been a while. We missed this one.

Hillary Clinton Is New Antichrist, Which Must Be Making Barack Obama SO Jealous

Obama knew he was term-limited out of the presidency, but he probably thought he got to be the Antichrist forever, NO FAIR.

Shrieking Meth-Banshee Michelle Malkin Makes Angry List Of All The Boobies She’s Seen Lately

Just one more thing on which insane rage monkey Michelle Malkin and poised, calm, lovely and boob-positive Wonkette part ways.
You know every word, do not lie.

Angry Feminist Angry Angry Feminist Isn’t Angry Feminist Enough

Okay, we are going to say DISCLAIMER ALERT and TRIGGER WARNING, because we are about to write about how a thing written by a person who has ALWAYS been personally very nice to us is Wrong About A Thing.*...
Satan's gang signs -- All the proof you need!

Sundays With The Christianists: Their Satanic Majesties Request … MORE COWBELL!

Rightwing radio preacher and homeschooling guru Kevin Swanson is starting to let us down, folks -- the penultimate chapter of his e-rant about the inevitable doom of western civilization is just about the laziest attack on the supposedly corrupting...
The pope's new record, probably.

Madonna Is Your New Nelson Mandela! Please Pass The Cyanide.

Last year, Madonna put herself in Art Jail, with a 17-minute tone poem about how ... the oppression was coming from inside the house! It was hilarious, and ridiculose, and full of hot dudes doing really good ripoffs of...

Another Super Bowl Halftime Show, Another Coded Illuminati Message

You may be amused by the nine minutes of pure weirdness in this here exposé of the Secret Illuminati Symbolism in Bruno Mars' Sportsball Halftime Extravaganza. Apparently, all SportsBowl halftime shows -- like last year's, with the Beyoncé --...

Bryan Fischer Opines On Lady Gaga, Admits He May Be Turning Into a Gay

The 2012 Republican presidential field's favorite Jesus-band radio host, the American Family Association's Bryan Fischer, routinely professes to the world how disgusting gay people are, just in case people forgot and briefly thought he may enjoy penises being inserted...

Jeebus Lady Cindy Jacobs Repents For All Lesbians, Cleanses Craigslist

Your Wonkette reporter of The Homosexuals is back bearing good news, or as they like to call it in church, "a new gospel": All of the world's lesbians have been fully repented for! This happened last week, in Sacramento, at...

Did Mean Old Sarah Palin Steal Michele Bachmann’s Jewelry?

So much to report from yesterday's Bachmann-Palin "Mean Ladies' Smackdown," but where do we start? How about with this shocking evidence that clenched-jaw anger bear Sarah Palin was so excited about her costume (Madonna's mom?) that she swiped all...

Happy Friday From Our Drinking President

After eight years of that alky teetotaler George W. Bush, it's always a delight to see that your president is man enough to have a beer without turning into some raging drunken elder-abusing asshole. Here is Barack Obama just...