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Tag: lysistrata

Two great ideas whose time will never come. OK, one.

Lincoln Chafee Drops Out After Hillary Becomes President Of Benghazi

Here's a story sure to knock Benghazi out of the headlines for the rest of the day: Lincoln Chafee has decided to drop out of the race for the Democratic presidential nomination. We're pretty sure he simply recognized Hillary...

A Children’s Treasury Of Michigan Lawmakers That Ladies Should Not Sex

In response to anti-abortion legislation that Michigan Planned Parenthood calls the “biggest assault on women’s health in our state’s history,” kick-ass state Rep. Rashida Tlaib called on ladies to to go Full Lysistrata to keep this from becoming law....

John McCain: I Was Against the War on Women After I Was For It

Hooray, you guys, "Country First" John McCain can now go back to being America's Sweetheart Divorced Husband! Having just a few weeks ago voted for the Blunt Amendment -- that stupid thing that Mitch McConnell got a boner for,...