Oh that is nice, President B. Barry Bamz is making empty gestures of politeness and civility at what’s his name, Loser Guy, and having him over to the White House for lunch. This is very big news, today, when the only other news is John McCain is still trying to make “Benghazi” a thing. But […]

“Facing questions about whether he can win a second term as chairman of the Republican National Committee, Michael Steele boasted Friday that he has re-shaped the committee from an unwieldy top-down behemoth into an agile grassroots organization with a record of success.” Somebody finally told Michael Steele he should just say he’s done a good […]

After teasing you with a photo of Obama and a post about Medvedev’s Twitter account, it’s time we finally acknowledge the BIG POLITICS NEWS of the day: President Obama took Russian President Medvedev to Ray’s Hell Burger in Arlington for lunch. You of course remember the top political story of last year, Obama taking Biden […]

Things DC has a lot of: Jews and burger joints (no specific relation known). Things DC does not have a lot of: Jewish Delis, by which we mean good places to get a sandwich. But now every denomination can be happy, because Taylor Gourmet, a gourmet deli and market, just opened in Mount Vernon Triangle […]

We do not question the quality of the Potbelly sandwich or the cookies and fine shakes, for that matter. But there have been some changes at Potbelly Sandwich Works. Big changes. Changes that may take some getting used to. The sandwiches, they’ve gotten bigger. And the rest of the menu makes no sense at all.

It’s going to be great, tomorrow, when we can all quit acting like we care about Arlen Specter beyond, you know, his vote. Meanwhile, OMG WITH WHOM WILL ARLEN SUP, AT THE SENATE DINING ROOM? Because you know he used to lunch with his Republican “colleagues,” but now he hates them, so … Hot Pockets […]

There are many fine upscale pizza places in D.C. , but only one of them has an all-you-can-drink mimosa deal for only $9 at brunch. Sure, the “champagne” is Andre — the Two-Buck-Chuck of sparkling wine — reminiscent of sorority formals where that stuff flowed like water. Unlike sorority formals, however, RedRocks Firebrick Pizzeria in […]

DONALD RUMSFELD  11:26 am November 9, 2006

Lunch With Don

by Alex Pareene

WHITE HOUSE  12:07 pm October 19, 2005

Bush and Bono

by mweiss