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Luke Russert jumped the gun a short while ago, incorrectly announcing on Twitter that Rep. Bill Young had died. In reality, Rep. Young is hospitalized at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. The Tampa Bay Times reports a family spokesperson announced U.S. Rep. C. W. Bill Young’s condition turned for the worse over night and […]

The New Republic just can’t understand why you all gotta hate on Luke Russert like that. Such a very nice young man! Luke-hating is a bit of a Washington bloodsport. A young congressional staffer, upon hearing that I was writing a story about Luke, gleefully began forwarding me a series of emails from her coworkers […]

Doughy-cheeked nepotism hire (and Wonket coffee-mug model) Luke Russert is a big-time journamalist who knows how to cut through the chaff and get to the live beating heart of a news story. So as the crazy events played out overnight in Boston, with the Boston PD and federal agents engaged in a running gun battle […]

Sorry, Old Handsome Joe, but there is a new kid in town, and he is in desperate need of a cup of SHUT THE FUCK UP. $16.99 plus like a million dollars in shipping and handling (that does not actually cover the whole cost of the shipping and handling, people who are mad at how […]

So here is your video of Luke Russert being an ass to Nancy Pelosi at her press conference announcing she intends to continue as House Minority Leader. Because, surely there are some 24-year-olds who would be really good at Dem Leadering. Doesn’t that old lady know that Gen Y always thinks they get to be […]

In the annals of political lying, quoting someone out of context is almost not even surprising any more, as anyone familiar with the “you didn’t build that” nonsense knows (and yes, same goes for “I like to fire people”). The original comment, disconnected from its context, gets lost in volleys of misleading quotes. But it […]

It’s a good thing there aren’t lots and lots of important things going on, in this, our world, or this very compelling piece of news might have escaped the cycle! John Boehner made sport of poor Luke Russert, world’s greatest reporter besides Matthew Boyle, for not wearing socks! And then Luke Russert (who has an […]

Wait, is Luke Russert still hanging around the Capitol dressed in his suit? Isn’t “bring your kids to work day” over? Well, Charlie Rangel is sick and tired of being harassed by our nation’s unemployed youth. That’s why Congressman Rangel wrote this great new law to scoop up all the shiftless young Americans and put […]

While you people were quick to declare today’s Baltimore Blabfest (our alliterative powers suck right now, please help?) to be the greatest moment in Obama history and a righteous victory for truth and Hope etc., we refused to make any verdicts before reading what flush-faced Buffalo dauphin Luke Russert had to say, on Twitter.

GREAT-GRANDSON OF BIG FUCKIN' RUSS  4:02 pm January 13, 2010

by Jim Newell

HAHAHHA LUKE RUSSERT FOR ABC’S SUNDAY MORNING SHOW! Look everyone, unsubstantiated rumors from some ABC News employee about replacing George Stephanopoulos on This Week: “A prominent ABC political pundit said grabbing [Luke] Russert would be a major play to shake up the Sunday shows. Speaking on background, the pundit told Whispers: ‘It’s a great time […]

Well, that’s that: The only places you can now smoke in Virgina are on private property, in the outdoors, and in sin. [DC Examiner]

We were perusing this Washingtonian list of fancy inauguration parties, which somehow includes Wonkette’s, and were disheartened to see that Luke Russert’s country club “jacket required” soiree is no longer an option. “Old Man Brown” (Obama) has other commitments? [Washingtonian]

Ha ha ha Luke Russert, NBC’s Official Young Persons Correspondent, apparently made a terrible slip this morning and said “the smartest kids in the state go [to UVA], so it’s leaning a little bit towards Obama,” which was a terrible insult to all the remedial readers at the University of Virginia who will also vote […]

NBC News’ strategy in hiring young Luke Russert is now clear: whenever anything happens, Brian Williams can ask Luke what his dead father thinks about it. [MSNBC]