lou sarah

Former halfterm Moose Queen Sarah Palin has some Thoughts, and she has left her dumb ol’ Myface page for the Big League Pixels of Ghost Andrew Breitbart’s Internet Home for Wayward Wig Addicts to bring em at ya! Her thoughts are on the IRS, and how people “live in fear of them.” Sure, we’ll bite! […]

Last week, we brought you the news that Sarah Palin had a secret Facebook account registered to her personal Gmail address, which was mistakenly revealed in her ex-aide Frank Bailey’s book transcript. Now, we’ve found a Twitter account registered to that same e-mail address: mckinely777, which is listed under the name “sarah.” What does Sarah […]

One of the “friends” on the dearly departed “Lou Sarah” Facebook account, Kermit Ketchum, is mentioned multiple times in former Palin advisor Frank Bailey’s leaked book. Who is Kermit Ketchum? According to Bailey, he’s an elderly man and longtime friend of the family. Bailey’s manuscript describes Ketchum as the one who saw a (presumably doctored) […]

We’re now at the end of day two of wondering why a private Facebook account was registered to Sarah Palin’s personal e-mail address, a profile listed under the name “Lou Sarah” that was “friends” with members of Palin’s family and her political appointees, not to mention was used to “like” her own infamous public page. […]

Oh, it looks like we spoke too soon. Somebody finally shut down the “Lou Sarah” account, either while we were writing that last post or after it went up. So we guess Palin’s statement last night is true. Her public page is her only account, currently, as “Lou Sarah” is no more.

Yesterday, your Wonkette uncovered a private Facebook account registered to what is (or what was at one time) Sarah Palin’s private e-mail address. Last night, she took to her public Facebook page to refute its authenticity. “On a side note, there‚Äôs always buzz about fake Sarah Palin Facebook and Twitter accounts. Please know that this […]