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Racist television goblin Lou Dobbs revealed a very scary story earlier this week on his radio show (he’s on the radio, too?). Three weeks earlier, he claimed, his New Jersey mansion was shot at while his wife was standing outside, and this came after “weeks and weeks of threatening phone calls.” Never one to rush […]

CNN IS BIRTHERS  7:33 am August 6, 2009

by Ken Layne

OH YES, HERE IS THAT THING YOU ALL SENT TO YOUR WONKETTE: Did you know you can make your own magical Kenyan Birth Certificate, for anybody, by going to a website? Yes You Can! Email your version to CNN racist Lou Dobbs. [Kenyan Birth Certificate Generator]

High-frequency trading? Goldman Sachs? Ball’s in your court, Taibbi. [Matt Yglesias] “You Want Context? Drudge Will Give You Context.” And brain herpes! [Weekly Standard] Joe Biden is such a golly liberal fascist, according to liberal fascist experts. [USA Today] The best part of RedState’s furry convention was when Liz Cheney gave everyone an enormous boner […]

Media Matters is, according to Lou Dobbs, “some kind of Mexican space alien, from Mexicans.” But the liberal organization best known for sending out emails about how Fox News isn’t liberal has finally done something kind of funny, by purchasing commercial time on orange-headed blubbermouth Lou Dobbs’ afternoon comedy hour, White Supremacy For Angry Dummies.

If universal health care doesn’t scare the shit out of you, just imagine if there was a public option for extinguishing fires, and rescuing kittens from tree branches! Are your panties wet with horror? [Matt Yglesias] Next time you play a game of Guess Who, ask this winning question: “Is your person a birther?” If […]

People are finally figuring out the Wonkette — it not only thinks everything is so funny, but it is also cleverly propagating the most vile conspiracy of our Time, that Barack Obama was actually not born at all. He was not born! There, we said it. We don’t care if Robert Gibbs personally milks a […]

This would be terrifying if it wasn’t about some lamer old wingnuts and their message board: The person who runs FreeRepublic.com is cold gonna overthrow the U.S. government — that means you, blackenstein — and ho ho, no more taxes on the millionaires! Hooray! Anyway, folks, things are getting Seriously Weird with the wingnuts, birthers, […]

CNN  5:20 pm March 25, 2008

by Jim Newell

POLLS  5:18 pm July 23, 2007

Lou Dobbs Has Lost His Mind

by Alex Pareene

CNN  4:59 pm June 6, 2007

Lou Dobbs, Caucus-Blocker

by Alex Pareene