lost in translation

Oh, man, guys, did you hear what New Pope said? He is gonna get a ruler to the knuckles for sure: On Sunday, the pontiff accidentally said “fuck” during his weekly blessing from the Vatican. To be fair, the prayer was in Italian, not Francis’s native Spanish, and the Italian word for “Fuck” (“cazzo”) is […]

So here’s a thing that’s been going around the intarwebs for a few days: Signs at two school playgrounds in Milford, Delaware, have totally different meanings in Spanish and English. The English version is the usual legal ass-covering warning telling parents that they need to supervise their children. The Spanish, version, however, translates to “You […]

Oh, early 2012, we already miss you. At least in February 2012, we were well rid of Karen Handel, the then-vice president of Susan G. Komen for the Cure. Remember Karen? She’s the delightfully (?!) wingnutty anti-choice zealot that came up with the unbelievably genius plan to strip Planned Parenthood of monies for breast cancer […]