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You may have heard, there is a fired LAPD cop/former sniper going around murdering everyone, from the daughter of the Police League lawyer who didn’t win his case, to all the lesbi-cops and every other “high value target” in the universe. The LAPD, they are responding by shooting anyone in a blue or black truck, […]

Looks like the NYPD rape cops better step up their game because they have some competition! Whereas the NYPD keeps its lady citizens safe by raping them at gunpoint and or alternatively, when they are too drunk to consent, LA rape cops do it the old fashioned way: by threatening to put them in jail.

We heard such a good joke last night, you guys! Some real Absurdist Andy Kaufman-style next-level shit! It goes like this: so this chick is sleeping, and when she wakes up her boyfriend is making sweet love to her, all kissy and lovey with his penis in her vagina. Then she sees that it’s not […]

Since we will have a chat cave full of courrespondentes live-blooging tonight’s MADNESS for you, the feverishly page-refreshing Wonkadero, your Editrix has decided to take the night off and treat herself and her fellow Angelenos to Election Night beers and whatnot. THE DETAILS! Let us call it “seven p.m.,” until “11 or something,” at everyone’s […]

Look at this awesome guy! You would think they would have thrown him out of the polling place at Los Angeles’s Union Rescue Mission, on Skid Row, for electioneering. And yet they did not! What is our world even coming to?

Your average American is far too savvy a consumer to just go and do things because it’s a “civic duty” or whatever. These are people who won’t even buy a 12-pack of soda unless it’s on an endcap at the supermarket and is being pushed at 50 percent off, so why should they go to […]

Brad Sherman and Howard Berman are almost indistinguishable. They are old liberal Jewish Democrats who both voted for the Iraq war (but still try to ding the other for voting for the Iraq war? Come on, guys), and they are both sitting members of Congress representing Los Angeles’s San Fernando Valley. (You remember the Valley […]

It seems like just yesterday we were worried about Sarah Palin! The wraithlike skin-sack of hollow bones clomping around Los Angeles this week was not the GILF you’ve hatefucked in your brainpan so many times throughout the years, but instead gave us a huge anti-boner of sad. (That this led to accusations in the comments […]

It is hard sometimes to be the police force for the big city with the lowest crime rate, we guess, which is why the LAPD recently arrested people for drawing on a sidewalk with chalk? But then whoops the #Occupy kids came out to Downtown LA’s monthly Thursday night artwalk to protest that — because […]

What’s new in Planned Parenthood genociding? We aggregate Ghost Andrew Breitbart aggregating the Los Angeles Times for answers, and lord do we find them! Did you know Roosevelt High School, in a low-income, heavily Latino area (Boyle Heights, LA peeps), still has lots of teen motherhood? And that in order to do something about this, […]

HELLO PERVERTS AND WEIRDOS, here are your pictures from the first in a series of Wonkette Drinky Things and Meetups, this one in Los Angeles. Bammerz did not drop in, my head hurts. There will be only light posting today, so all of you who complain about how there are too many posts waaah you […]

Your Wonkette was worried when LAObserved noted that yet another Obamajam was expected tomorrow (Thursday), just in time to disrupt traffic to the Wonkette Drinky Thing and Meetup just so he can go hang out with George Clooney. GODDAMN HIM!!! So we did what any self-respecting #WARBLOG would do, and emailed the nice campaign person […]

The Wonkette Drinky Meetup Salons begin with a party one week from today in Los Angeles, California. (Next up will be Detroit in early June. You excited, Detroit? When’s the last time someone came to see you? Long time, right? Here, let us wipe your tears and hand you a xanax.) All comers are welcome, […]

One thing about Los Angeles: our people really are more gorgeous than your people. Don’t hate us because we’re beautiful, after the jump.

Back when California used to have the nation’s top public schools (instead of the worst) and biggest state park system (instead of locked-gate meth-lab forests) along with lots of good-paying jobs and an entire population of fit, beautiful, tattoo-free people who spent all their time at the uncrowded beaches talking about philosophy or whatever, the […]