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Are we sure he's not just Bill Maher with funny hair? Funnier hair?

Looks Like Julian Assange Is A Common Liar (WHOA IF TRUE!)

In shocking news, Assange may be going back on his promise to face extradition to the United States. Really.

Entire Universe Dares Donald Trump To Call Meryl Streep ‘Overrated,’ And Trump Delivers!

Trump actually got on Twitter and talked smack about Meryl Streep. Weak! Sad!

Muslim Restaurant Declares War On Christmas By Offering Free Meals To Homeless, Elderly. What Are They Up To????

A Muslim-owned restaurant in London is doing something nice for its neighbors on Christmas. Unfortunately, the story is on the internet.
Oh, just go fuck yourself.

Ecuador Grounds Julian Assange From Internet For Being Raging Douchewhistle

Did John Kerry pressure Ecuador? is there a global conspiracy? DO YOU CARE?
Now here's a man who LOVES the Hispanics and their taco bowls

Donald Trump Was Just Screwin’ Around When He Called For Muslim Ban, Y’all

Now Donald Trump says his call for a ban on all Muslims was "just a suggestion."

New London Mayor Not Interested In Being Donald Trump’s Token Muslim BFF For Some Reason

Donald Trump might not even kill the new mayor of London's whole family! (But also he might.)

Donald Trump Rises Firm And Hard To Sue Artist Who Painted Him With Itty-Bitty Peener

If you've haunted the Interwebs regularly, you've probably already seen Los Angeles artist Illma Gore's now-infamous painting of a nude Donald Trump as a would-be emperor (and a less than impressively endowed one, at that) with no clothes on...

Stories of Restaurant Customers Who Were Basically Satan

Welcome back to Off The Menu, where we bring you the best and strangest food stories from my email inbox. This week, we've got the old standby: terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad restaurant customers. As always, these are real...

More Stories Of Incredibly Stupid Restaurant Customers

Welcome back to Off The Menu, where we bring you the best and strangest food stories from my email inbox. Today, we've got one of the classics: stories of fantastically dumb restaurant customers. As always, these are real emails...

Now Cancer Has Killed Alan Rickman. Screw You, Cancer

You know what? Just ... no: Alan Rickman, one of the best-loved and most warmly admired British actors of the past 30 years, has died in London aged 69. His death was confirmed on Thursday by his family who said...
We're sure he'll find a way to Shake This Off too.

Aaron Schock Hires Nice Lawyers To Fix All His Not-Gay Ethics Violations

Oh, Aaron Schock, we have so missed reporting on you for the last three days or so! But we are back, because things continue to go poorly for you, you dumb, cuddly animal, and we promise we will not...
Oh, those fabulous Bushes

Morning Maddow: Jeb Bush’s Website Violates Everybody’s Privacy, Oops (Video)

Rachel Maddow loves the Bush family almost as much as we do. Especially their talent for putting their foot in it, as President George H.W. Bush did when he seemed amazed by a supermarket scanner during his 1992 reelection...
Hey, what do I know?

Scott Walker Way Too Smart To Answer Whether Evolution Is A Thing

While visiting London "The one in England" England Wednesday, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker was asked if he thinks the theory of evolution is true. Apparently unable to remember the Republican Magic Words "I'm not a scientist, man," he instead replied...
Chris Christie had no comment on this screenshot

Morning Maddow: The GOP Has Vax-In-Mouth Disease

Rachel Maddow brings us Day Two of Republicans trying to figure out whether they believe in vaccinations against deadly diseases. In London, Chris Christie apparently took seriously her Monday piece about the curse of American politicians saying dumb things...
Don't Talk about MI6, Mitt!

Morning Maddow: Chris Christie’s Half-Vaxed London Comments (Video)

Rachel Maddow had far too much fun Monday recounting all the times American presidential candidates have made asses of themselves while visiting London. Actually, 80 percent of those times involved Mitt Romney's single disastrous visit, but it sure set the template. And...
Thank goodness you can't get Ebola from spittle

Chris Christie/Jenny McCarthy 2016

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie said Monday that public health policy needs to find a "balance" between the need to protect the public and parents who don't know shit about science. This comes less than four months after Christie...