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U.S. Marshals Had Very Good Reasons To Buy $2 Million Worth Of Teddy Bears, Probably

You know how Big Government is always wasting money on unnecessary crap like feeding children, keeping bridges from falling down, and inspecting meat? We know those things are wasteful, because Fox News tells us so. And now we learn...

Forget How Sexist This New Florida Logo Is, Let’s Talk About What They Paid For It

Some yammering feminazis are opening their shrill faceholes -- which would look so much prettier with some dicks in them, are we right fellas? -- about waaaah Florida's new business logo is sexist waaah. It's a man in a...

Ron Paul’s Campaign Logo: Bald Eagle Desperately Trying To Escape Him

What the hell? Why is that bald eagle, our national symbol, fleeing Ron Paul on his campaign website's logo? Is it because Ron Paul wants to take away the federal environmental regulations that protect the eagle from extinction? Or...

All Obamaworld Citizens To Be Branded

GOP Convention Logo Revealed

Kremlin Critic Killed by Comic Fans

Tom (?) Vilsack Fever Sweeps Nation