Some yammering feminazis are opening their shrill faceholes — which would look so much prettier with some dicks in them, are we right fellas? — about waaaah Florida’s new business logo is sexist waaah. It’s a man in a tie! says one hairy-legged hippie. Women don’t wear ties! says another one, who’s probably a lesbo. […]

What the hell? Why is that bald eagle, our national symbol, fleeing Ron Paul on his campaign website’s logo? Is it because Ron Paul wants to take away the federal environmental regulations that protect the eagle from extinction? Or maybe we’re looking at this wrong. Is the bird defecating out this logo as he flies […]

DRUGS  10:29 am October 4, 2007

GOP Convention Logo Revealed

by Alex Pareene

RUSSIA  10:58 am December 15, 2006

Kremlin Critic Killed by Comic Fans

by Alex Pareene

TOP  3:54 pm November 30, 2006

Tom (?) Vilsack Fever Sweeps Nation

by Alex Pareene