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GOP: How Can Companies Offer You Good Deals If They Don’t Know What Porn You Like?

Who wouldn't be willing to give up a little privacy in order to get better ads?

Bob Dole Stands Erect For Taiwan; Firmness Achieved By All This Money On The Nightstand

Congratulations to Bob Dole on achieving a hard position on U.S.-Taiwan relations and keeping it up so long.

Wonkagenda: Friday, October 28, 2016

The Bundy Bunch gets off, K Street revs up, and a Sportsball update! Here's your morning news brief!
Best thing about this coloring book? You only need the black and grey crayons!

Coal Company CEO On Donald Trump’s Energy ‘Plan’: Dude, Get Real

Donald Trump's "energy policy" is as bogus as his conspiracy theory about China inventing global warming. We even need to tell you this?

First You Get The Sugar, Then You Get The Lobbyists, Then You Get The Cover-Ups

And you thought the tobacco industry had a monopoly on dirty tricks like this!

Why Did The Democrats Have To Make Everyone Hate Guns And Be So Sad?

The Democrats made everyone in Philly have a big, old, sad. Now we need to turn that sadness into action.

Missouri Republican Demands Transparency In Hot Sexing Between Lobbyists And Lawmakers

The Missouri legislature has, shall we say, Sexxx Issues. This is a place where elected officials walk into the state house as functioning human adults, but once inside turn into violently throbbing jizz spigots unable to do anything besides...
Funny strange, not funny ha ha

Rand Paul Says Hard Work And Tax Cuts Will Make Everyone Rich, Especially The Rich

On "Fox News Sunday" (on Fox News, Sunday), Rand Paul offered some inspiring thoughts on how the economy really works, based purely on the theories of Ayn Rand plus multiple massive bong hits: Tax rates have nothing to do...
Too small town to fail?

Bank Lobbyists Pretending They’re A Bunch Of George Baileys LOL

Did you grow up in a small town where you knew all your local merchants as friends and neighbors, including the nice people down at the local bank? Didja? Ah, precious It’s a Wonderful Life-type water color memories. Maybe you...

Lobbyists’ Lobby To Drop ‘Lobbyist’ From Its Name, In Best Rebranding Since ‘Xe’

A group that advocates for K Street -- the lobbyist lobby, pretty much -- will change its name to remove the word "lobbyist," The Hill reports: The board of the American League of Lobbyists (ALL) announced Tuesday it has recommended...

Mean Old ‘The Media’ (Wonkette) Is Oppressing Cenk Uygur, Please Send Him Money To Dry His Tears

Well THAT escalated quickly! As you may recall, way back on Wednesday, we ran a brief story on Cenk Uygur's supposedly shocking audio of D.C. Rep Eleanor Holmes Norton leaving a voicemail message for a lobbyist and asking for...

Mean Jerk Joe Biden Didn’t Send Aide A Thank-You Note Until He Asked, And Other Halloween Tales Of Horror

Sorry, old ladies, but Old Handsome Joe Biden may be old and he may be handsome, but he is NOT the world's greatest lover of all humanity (especially old ladies) that you think he is! Once, he didn't even...

Healthcare Lobbyists To Throw Smashing ‘White Trash’ Party

STRATEGIC HEALTH CARE is a noble health care lobbying firm "working at the intersection of health care and government — widely respected for our expertise in congressional and regulatory matters, health policy analysis and solutions, CMS pilots and demos,...

Mr. Hitler Goes To Washington

Republicans’ psycho cousin The American Nazi Party (ANP) registered its first lobbyist this week. They grow up so fast! It seems like just yesterday they were destroying the world! John Bowles, das lobbyist, registered Tuesday with House and...

Mitt Romney’s Modest ‘Manse’ Now Has a Car Elevator, Lobbyist

Mitt Romney's small cottage in La Jolla is in the process of renovation, and the aggrandizing of this piece of real estate is such an important issue for the future of this nation that there is actually a guy...

Lobbyists Try to Weasel Around New DNC Rules Ahead of Convention

The Democratic National Committee last year enforced rules that are attempting make it harder for lobbyists to peddle their interests at this summer's convention in Charlotte, NC, but the reality is, as long as there are laws, there are...