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Our glamorous videographer and yoga lady Liz Glover writes: “My latest interview with World Famous British Comic, Chris Morris, whose film, FOUR LIONS, is being released on Friday.” Here is a video of said interview:

Eddy Moretti and VBS Teevee traveled to Poland to interview former Polish president and Nobel Peace Prize winner Lech Walesa. They talked about dead Popes, and also how Glenn Beck is a total jerk. Our very own Liz Glover co-produces this teevee series, so you know it’s quality stuff! Watch:

Hey check it out it is VBS TV interviewing GoProud fellow Jimmy LaSalvia. This very entertaining (and also informative!) video was co-produced by our very own Liz Glover. Watch it immediately.

Hahahaha, here’s the complete text of a secret email from Famous Wonkette videographer of record Liz Glover: “Say of it what you will. I trust your judgment.” Wait, is that a good idea, Liz? Especially when international video-singer sensation “Lady Gaga” was sweatin’ to the oldies in your Capitol Hill Yoga Studio? Right after her […]

More institutionalized reverse sexism, with Wonkette ladies getting involved in exciting video internet projects, while the menfolk just sit around in their underwear at home, eating 100 calorie packs of Cheetos and scratching themselves. (This is because Communist Woodrow Wilson gave them the right to vote, probably.) Sara Benincasa got invited back by Alyona Minkovski, […]

It seems like only a week ago that America gathered around its iPad or whatever and watched the 2010 Weeping Eagle Awards, which were not actually broadcast. But now the awful heat wave is mostly over and the awards have been distributed and our nation is a richer, better country. And we’ve got the official […]

Liz Glover just sent us this morbid reminder: “Tomorrow is the 40th Anniversary of the Kent State Massacre. Here’s my interview with a couple of the members of Devo who witnessed it.”

Your Liz Glover made so many new friends today at the park near Ronald Reagan airport. At least several Real Americans spent their days there milling about the bucolic fields, ducking from airplanes, and showing off their favorite machines that exist to kill other human beings from a safe distance. This guy has two guns, […]

Oh Jesus, she actually was serious about going to the national park wingnut gun rallies! Our own Liz Glover is currently performing some insane journalism at the Washington Monument and, more importantly, some park near Reagan airport, where the guns are allowed. Hordes of wingnuts are shootin’ down all the planes before the Iceland Smoke […]

As we mentioned earlier, last night’s Tax Day Tea Party at the Washington Monument was blessed with the presence of a conservative rapper, who may have been from the ghetto! His rap went like “boo taxes la la la.” Your Liz Glover recorded this short clip during his performance, focusing on the elderly crowd’s response. […]

Your Wonkette has just returned from a lovely evening at the Washington Monument, site of Dick Armey’s FreedomWorks Tax Day Tea Party! Your editor remembered to charge his digital camera battery this time, too — but then left the battery at home, in the charger. Hooray! But whatever. We have more terrible BlackBerry photos to […]

Here’s a welcome change from the usual mouth-breathing teabaggers farting up the Capitol: Happy youth, who just wandered over to the Hill to see what’s up, for the laffs! And our Liz Glover captured their merriment (and their souls) with her Soulcatcher Machine.

Former/current/whatever Wonkette videographer Liz Glover joined your editor today for a jaunt to the grassy knoll that Congress’ south side overlooks, where today’s lingering health care protesters (the ones who hadn’t yet fucked off for the Sizzler) were staring up at the House of Representatives’ balcony to yell, chant, and sing against this bill that […]

MOONIES ON ICE  4:26 pm December 30, 2009

by Jim Newell

MOONIE MASSACRE: Local videographer and delightful monster Liz Glover tells your Wonkette that she has just been laid off from the Washington Times, along with most other employees. Sorry/Hooray, Liz!

John Solomon, the beloved human brought in a couple of years ago to serve as executive editor of the Washington Times, and possibly save it (?), has come to the following conclusion: fuck this shit, I’m out. He has resigned, effective last Friday. So in the past week, as the great great brilliant divine extraordinary […]