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Here Are All The Best (Pee) Leaks About Trump Firing James Comey In An INSANE RAGE!

Fuck the White House's lies, because the REAL TRUTH is coming out!

Let’s Liveblog Sarah Huckabee Sanders Lying About Comey Firing, Just Like Daddy Taught Her!

Sean Spicer has the day off, because he's washing his grundle or something.

Uppity Women Marching Against Trump’s American Carnage: Your Wonkette Livebloog

A Lot Of People are saying there's a misogynist in the White House. This is what we hear.

Five Bucks Says Trump Cancels This Press Conference. Your Wonkette Live-Blog!

Did somebody ask about PEE HOOKERS?

DNC Night Four: Hillary Clinton Makes History, Bill Makes Sammiches. Your Wonket Livebloog!

It's the final night of the Democratic National Convention! Watch for falling balloons!

RNC Night Three: Let’s Watch America Be First And Mike Pence Be Number Two! A Livebloog!

It's 'Make America First' Night at the RNC. Let's see what that nice Mr. Lindbergh has to say, shall we?

You Want More Justin Trudeau Hotness? Fine. Your Weekly Top Ten.

Y'ALL. It's Saturday! You're probably like "Gah Evan, why do we have to look upon the hotness of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau again THIS SUCKS." That's because you're bad at life. But we can explain. First of all,...

Ben Carson Has New Scam Cure To Sell, And Its Name Is Donald Trump

Looky here! Dozin' Dr. Ben Carson has had a nice week-long sleepcation after deciding he can grift in the private sector without having to stand on debate stage and keep his eyes open and "answer" questions. And now that...

Donald Trump Punches Everyone In Their Little Marcos: GOP Debate Liveblog

Who is getting cold-cocked by Donald Trump tonight? Ted Cruz? (Probably.) Marco Rubio? (Definitely.) John Kasich? (Nah, no one cares about him.) Some poor protesting dude or dudette? A Breitbart reporter? ALL OF 'EM KATIE!? It is a day, and...

GOP Probably Won’t Have Marco Rubio Kidnapped After Tonight’s Debate. Probably.

Has it been a long time since you pulled your Underoos up over your nipples (that's how you get comfortable), popped open a can of Spam and watched a presidential debate? No, it hasn't! You watched one on Wednesday...

Who’s Begging To Get On His Knees For Donald Trump Now? GOP Debate Liveblog

Me-owwwwww hiss scratch, so many fight words coming at Donald Trump now! Even though he has been the frontrunner of the GOP race since he decided to stick his delicate tiny-penis fingers into it, Republicans are not the sharpest stars in the sky, so it's taken...

Republican Candidates Trying To Fill Ben Carson-Shaped Hole In Their Hearts

Uh oh, it's a day in 2016, which means it's time for the remaining GOP candidates to come together for spiteful purposes, infecting our television sets and Commodore 64 computers with bile and derp. Yes, we mean like in...

It’s Your Nail-Biting Edge-Of-Your-Seat Thrill Ride South Carolina Primary Open Thread

Today is South Carolina's great big Democratic presidential primary, and Yr Wonkette is here with you for every minute of the excitement while we wait for the networks to call it for Hillary Clinton with .3 percent of precincts...