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A Complete List of National Politicians Who Have Embraced the Occupy Wall Street Protests

1) Bernie Sanders. — Originally posted September 30. UPDATE, October 5: 2) Dennis Kucinich UPDATE, October 5, 9 PM: 3) Russ Feingold (Obama, meanwhile, posts a Twitter about the sad death of billionaire industrialist Steve Jobs, but can’t be bothered to mention the many thousands of union members and unemployed protesting nationwide in hopes of getting some relief.) Read more on A Complete List of National Politicians Who Have Embraced the Occupy Wall Street Protests…
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Top 100 Things of This Rotten Decade

#100: Craig Kilborn wasn’t the host of The Daily Show during this decade. #99: Fred Thompson‘s presidential campaign. Ha ha, the “New Reagan.” #98: Joe Lieberman never got to be Vice President. #97: You know what didn’t even exist in any form before this decade? The iPod musical thing! It is nice to have such a thing, for listening to music. (But it’s not so nice when, say, you are taking a nice walk somewhere and a two-year-old political-news podcast comes up in shuffle — that is like being kicked in the nuts and then the guy vomits all over your head, and plus the guy is Rudy Giuliani.) #96: Rudy Giuliani never got to be a senator, governor, Republican nominee for president, or actual president. #95: The “Freedom Tower” is still not built, and maybe hopefully will never be finished. #94: Sarah Palin didn’t get to be vice president, and had to “give back” all those fancy clothes. #93: Hard drives have crazy big capacity now. What was a “good hard drive” in 1999, like 10 gigabytes? #92: George Allen took his football and his horse and went home. #91: Larry Craig took his toilet-stall hard-on and went home. #90: But Diaperman David Vitter stayed in the Senate, ensuring that laughter would live on. Read more on Top 100 Things of This Rotten Decade…