1) Bernie Sanders. – Originally posted September 30. UPDATE, October 5: 2) Dennis Kucinich UPDATE, October 5, 9 PM: 3) Russ Feingold (Obama, meanwhile, posts a Twitter about the sad death of billionaire industrialist Steve Jobs, but can’t be bothered to mention the many thousands of union members and unemployed protesting nationwide in hopes of […]

10. Airbus A380′s collision. 9. Bets on Australia‚Äôs gambling firms. 8. California’s grape expectations.

#100: Craig Kilborn wasn’t the host of The Daily Show during this decade. #99: Fred Thompson‘s presidential campaign. Ha ha, the “New Reagan.” #98: Joe Lieberman never got to be Vice President. #97: You know what didn’t even exist in any form before this decade? The iPod musical thing! It is nice to have such […]