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Looks like the “Barack Obama’s weakness let Ukraine happen” trope has reached its apotheosis with this tweet from Sen. Lindsey Graham, with its inescapable logic: Barack Obama let Benghazi happen, therefore Ukraine. It’s just like that time when Reagan knew that somebody had to pay for the bombing of the Marine barracks in Beirut, so […]

Even though our Kenyan Dictator B. Barry Bamz was re-crowned only last year, it is already time to start thinking about the next Presidential election, which also means it is still time to stab ourselves in the eye with a spork everytime Chris Cillizza soils the pages of the Washington Post with the latest meaningless […]

After a gloriously fulfilling celebratory circle-jerk for not ‘killing the hostage’ of the global economy, the Senate took a well-deserved two-week vacation. Unfortunately, tradition requires that they come back and find new ways to grab headlines without actually doing anything. While the Senate GOP would like nothing more than to get medieval on Ted Cruz’s […]

The 9/11/12 Benghazi attacks are like a political Rorschach test designed by Hieronymus Bosch: It looks like a tragedy; no, it looks like a betrayal; no, treason! No, dummy, it’s our best chance against Hillary in 2016. Dust those rejected requests for additional security for fingerprints, Darrell! Our interpretation used to be “tragedy” but now […]

There’s a very simple explanation for why Steve Lonegan lost last week’s special election for U.S. Senate to Cory Booker: The government shutdown. OK, that, and Lonegan’s being a loathsome asshat, maybe. But mostly the government shutdown, Lonegan told the Star-Ledger in an interview published Monday: “There is no doubt in my mind or in […]

While the “world watches” America threaten to destroy the global economy, it’s “eat your own” time for the Republicans, otherwise known as “the people in charge of making sure America does not destroy the global economy while the world watches.” But the debt ceiling is scheduled to come tumbling down tomorrow and yesterday the House […]

Ok wonkeroos, we need to talk about a serious subject that is threatening far too many of our most vulnerable citizens: bullying and abuse. While we like to snark and mock, we, as a country, should be doing everything we can to make our society a better safer place. Rep. Sean Duffy (R-Season 5) knows […]

Poor Lindsey Graham! Despite being a rightwing jerk, he is apparently not rightwing jerky enough for the Republican Party of Fairfield County, Virginia South Carolina, which passed a resolution Monday censuring Graham for “a long series of actions” that they “hold to be fundamentally inconsistent with the principles of the South Carolina Republican Party[.]” In […]

So that was some kind of long weekend, eh? Whilst Americans were all mandatorily eatin’ ribs and shooting babies out their twats in accordance with the official definition of that which is Labor Day (thanks, Union Thugs!) President Obama went into the Rose Garden to confuse everyone with speeches about some place called “Syria” and […]

The 2014 midterm elections are still more than a year away, but the Republican primary races are always more crazy cut-throat fun than a Romanian princess cockfight. And South Carolina being South Carolina, it is rising again to give us all the point-and-laughs we need to get by in the heat of a boring-ass August. […]

Dimwitted Foghorn Leghorn impersonator Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-Fainting Couch) is most put out by this Edward Snowden fellow and the terrible treason he has perpetrated upon our great nation. And if anyone knows from perpetrating treason upon the Union, it is someone from South Carolina! Also because one bad Nazi analogy per day is not […]

Over the weekend, various security officials and congresscritters were forced to go on the morning yap shows or talk to the press about the secret data collection programs exposed by the Guardian over the weekend. Some of them took this opportunity to explain why they were glad, GLAD, that we are finally having a national […]

Your Wonkette was wondering: Prior to 9/11/12, when God and Hillary Clinton did 9/11 Classic to four Americans in Libya, a place of Muslims, was there anything? Here’s what we mean: Did history start on that date, or was there a bunch of stuff that “came before,” stuff like other terrorist attacks on US diplomatic […]

Hello and welcome to “We must now do (name irrelevant thing) to prevent the next Boston Marathon tragedy” week here in America. Fresh from the fine American political tradition that brought you the Iraq War as a nationally-supported response to 9/11, Senators Chuck Schumer and Lindsey Graham are calling for — not war, as this […]

There are two kinds of “gay conservatives.” There are the ones who really aren’t all that political, but they have really white skin and really big bank accounts and they value their privilege far more than they care about any sort of “little people” cause like, you know, basic civil rights. They vote for Republicans, […]