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Late Sunday night, New York published a story that will likely get some people very shouty today. It concerns hamster-faced Lara Logan, the neocon CBS News reporter, and how she pooped her bed quite thoroughly last fall with her report about Dylan Davies, a security contractor for the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, who claimed falsely to […]

You don’t even need to open this week’s Sunday New York Times to know that it is going to be wall-to-wall Chris Christie. First there was the news that he may have blocked Hurricane Sandy aid to Hoboken because the mayor there didn’t love Chris Christie’s real estate development as much as she should have, […]

Dumbfuck screech machine Dana Loesch and her merry band of ideological brethren have a giant confused today, which is a not uncommon condition for stupid people punching above their intellectual weight. What, aside from the usual stuff like the operating principle behind doorknobs, has the wingnutteratti more befuddled than Lindsay Graham in a West Hollywood […]

Oh hai! Welcome to this edition of Our Cold Dead Hands, Wonkette’s weekly look at the state of the gun debate in America, where evil liberals bent on controlling every aspect of your lives continue their efforts to disarm the brave patriots who are the only line of defense between you and the FEMA death […]

Good morning! It seems appropriate to complement all of this “fiscal cliff averted!” news with a polite reminder that this deal in no way means Congress will stop acting like scotch-drunk shitbirds with a hostage and nothing to lose.

Put on your PUMAs everybody, because Hillary Clinton is running for President! She made her official announcement over the weekend in the traditional style of a female, via her coiffure (which means “hairdo” in Arabic.) [Fox Nation] Lindsay Graham loves partial-birth abortions so much, he legally forced them on all children, by voting for Elena […]

GOD NO LIKEY!  2:01 pm October 10, 2008

by Jim Newell

GAYS ALLOWED TO MARRY EACH OTHER IN NEW HEATHEN STATE: Put on your birthday suit, Joe Lieberman, because now you can finally get gay-married to your longtime sexpot, Lindsey Graham! Although he’d have to move to Connecticut! Because that’s where the state Supreme Court today decided that the Gays could get married, just like real […]

WHITE HOUSE  7:39 am November 21, 2005

Daily Briefing: ‘The Way Forward’

by henry