lily ledbetter act

It has been a busy week for Texas ladies who support Greg Abbott and not that lying baby killer Wendy Davis. On Sunday, Cari Christman, spokeswoman for a pro-Abbott PAC, said that equal pay laws aren’t needed, since women are “busy.” And then on Monday, the Executive Director of the Texas Republican Party, Beth Cubriel, […]

Oh ladies. If the GOP isn’t insulting your intellectual capacity, demanding you be submissive, or trying to keep your libido in check (because you are all raging fuckmonsters), then they are desperately wooing you for your votes. Their latest attempt to distract from their 1930-era policies is to scrounge around and find a GEN-YOU-INE lady […]

WONKET EXCLUSIVE! MUST CREDIT WONKETTE!!1! Very independent citizen-journalist James O’Keefe and his equally self-funded co-star in the ACORN stings, Hannah Giles, got real paid shortly after finishing their videos in the early fall of 2009, according to depositions taken three weeks ago. The pair admitted under oath to signing contracts with (the now recently deceased) […]