The Secretary of State is responsible for diplomatic security. The president is responsible for the Secretary of State. Yesterday, Hillary Clinton, who is the Secretary of State and incidentally the most powerful woman in the world, took responsibility for diplomatic security in Benghazi, where four Americans were killed. “I take responsibility,” Clinton told CNN in […]

Jason Chaffetz, how is your MENSA membership? Still in good standing? Oh, good! Now, we know you and your brethren want to make some political hay out of the Libya fiasco. Who could blame you? Even we were like (secretly, in our brainpans), sup, did Hillz drop the ball? And if hacks like us are […]

Here, let the National Review’s Mark Steyn tell you what’s wrong with Sesame Street. Basically: everything. It is why we are falling apart as a country. Babying children with images of friendly monsters leads to the widespread perception that the world outside your own home isn’t scary, and before you know it, it gets harder […]

In a shocking display of online rudeness unmatched since the time Ari Fleischer told Helen Thomas “Tits or GTFO,” Buzzfeed reports that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s occasionally-poetic* press aide, Philippe Reines, got into an email pissing match with Buzzfeed reporter Michael Hastings. The flame war evidently started in a heated discussion of Call of […]

Pathetic waste of skin and neurons Dr. Jerome Corsi, PhD, has in recent months shifted from being a straight-out birther to claiming that Barack Obama is a flaming homosexualist, presumably because being a birther mostly just gets him merely a tired indulgent laugh these days, even from other wingnuts. So now, yeah, Obama is gay […]

Jim Hoft, officially the stupidest man on the Internet, possesses analytical powers beyond the ken of the ordinary human. For instance, he is able to cut right through the liberal media’s silly distinctions between “Libyan mobs who killed Americans” and “The Libyan Government that America supports” to get to the simple truth: All Ayrabs BAD […]

Faced with criticism for his amateurish reaction to the mob attacks on diplomats in Libya and Egypt, Mitt Romney’s campaign has been quietly asking Republicans to pretty please say something nice about him if they’re asked, or at least maybe they could deflect the question by explaining that this is all Obama’s fault, duh. CNN […]

Hey so remember yesterday when Mitt Romney fucked the dog with his response to this mishigas in Libya? Well your Wonket had a thought: what if His Lord High Hairgel had in fact not fired that one dude, Richard Grenell, for being a lover of men? Perhaps Richard Grenell (who people say was super good […]

So, you know how Willard Mittingston Wigglesworth Romney IV made a very important foreign policy statement about the murders of American diplomats in Libya, which kind of left even Republican foreign-policy experts gobsmacked at its tone-deaf injection of politics into a developing foreign crisis? Yeah, that thing. Well, now. Katrina Trinko at NRO’s “The Corner” […]

Before spending even a moment in his now-inevitable presidency, Mitt Romney today proved himself the greatest statesman of this age or any other. In a statement rich in nuance and diplomatic elan, Mitt Romney deftly tied the death of the U.S. ambassador to Libya to the shortcomings of President Obama’s foreign policy. He stood by […]

Yesterday, violence in Egypt and Libya claimed the lives of five American diplomatic workers, including U.S. Ambassador to Libya J. Christopher Stevens. The important thing to remember in this time of crisis is that there’s still a Presidential election going on, and the campaigns MUST RESPOND. More importantly, they must do so FIRST. By way […]

There seems to have been a small amount of tsuris in the Middle East yesterday, as a large lot of Libyans decided to kill some Americans. This makes most people show proper somberness and gravity. But not Sarah Palin! She is busy being very ladylike, by talking about the president’s penis. Let us go to […]

Last night at 8pm not-your-time, two hours after the Belgian and Swiss media had already published election results and 30 minutes after Nicolas Sarkozy deleted his Facebook page, the French media announced that socialist François Hollande (great NYT bio) will be the next president of France. France is a country of 1,765,983,854 laws that are […]

Okay, seriously, Herman Cain, just stop, stop right now, stop, STOP: “I’m not supposed to know anything about foreign policy. Just thought I’d throw that out,” he told a Journal-Sentinel reporter in the wake of the paper’s insane interview with him revealing that he is not entirely sure what “Libya” is. Because “knowing things” is not […]

Let’s just “make sure we’re talking about the same thing,” because, well, we aren’t, now are we?