So you remember that charming young man, Mark Kessler, the police chief for Gilberton, Pennsylvania? He’s the guy who wants to “cleanse” America of all the enemies of liberty, like libtards who all “take it in the ass.” He also posted a video where he shot up targets that he labeled “Nancy Pelosi” and “John […]

Uh, New York hippie gangs win! The giant fire-breathing progressive lynch mob that tried to murder Glenn Beck and his family in Bryant Park made them decide to get the hell out and not wait to be eaten. Like in the zombie movies! So they are moving to Texas to live in a suburban gated […]

Do you recall when Tim Kaine told Jon Stewart that the Democrats were going to win in November — and in every November, for 1,000 years — by handing out clever key chains embroidered with the Confucian Libtard Proverb “Don’t give them the keys back”? This funny slogan-message only resonates with drunk drivers, of course, […]

A giant racist Tea Bagger shadow has been cast over Middle-Earth (continental United States). And every day this racism grows, because nobody is strong enough to stand up and say, “Stop being racist,” and also Americans are too fat to stand up. And so, races from all corners of the liberal blogosphere have answered the […]

Hundreds of protesters waved signs and flags and stuff at the Port of Oakland on Sunday because an Israeli cargo ship was coming in and this was the most important way they could protest Israel for some reason. Longshoremen refused to cross the “picket line” of weirdos because apparently it had some union backing. In […]

Liberal Speaker of the House Nancy “the Fancy” Pelosi got the shout-down treatment at the Campaign for America’s Future conference yesterday, and by fellow liberals! Pelosi only wanted to thank everyone for helping to get the ObamaCare program passed, but had to endure yelling and maybe even some crap thrown at her? Is this how […]

GAH! All of you fucking people shut up and go home right now. Just when the old slob yelling “I LUV SARAH!” seems like the most annoying creature on Earth, some kind of tattooed young lady libtard decides the best way to make her squeaky-ass whining worse is to amplify it through some sort of […]

After being told that his beloved Nebraska would become the nation’s new raw-sewage & nuclear waste repository, Senator Ben Nelson suddenly decided he “likes the health care bill a super-whole lot!” So now maybe it has 60 votes, hooray! Libtards everywhere are preparing to spend the holidays chooching, as the current revised version of the […]

YOU GET THE INTERNET YOU DESERVE  7:36 pm December 16, 2009

by Jim Newell

POLITICAL INTERNET ALMOST FULLY UNREADABLE: Jesus goddamn, it’s healthy to be frustrated with certain legislative proposals, but more and more enclaves of the liberal Internet are reading like tragic post-op RedState diaries by the hour: “In the past few weeks, the two most famous and arguably most successful black men in America have taken a […]

The secret White House advisor (RAHMBO?) who upset Andrew Sullivan and other members of the “Internet left fringe” so greatly by telling them to wear real pants instead of pajamas, guess what his or her sentiment doesn’t represent? “That sentiment does not reflect White House thinking at all,” according to White House deputy communications director […]

Ha ha the very liberal Arlen Specter wants Norm Coleman to fight it out, up there in Minnesota! He tells the New York Times, “There’s still time for the Minnesota courts to do justice and declare Norm Coleman the winner.” Hmm not really. Libtards are going nuts about how Arlen Specter isn’t saying everything the […]

The rotten liberals are gonna eat up this little Hope announcement like none other: “President-elect Obama’s office gave the media a new way to present him as Franklin Roosevelt 2.0 by announcing Friday that it will be posting weekly addresses – fireside chats for the web generation – on YouTube.” The reason: enhanced transparency. YAY!…??

Libtards are giggling like rich schoolgirls on acid over this one. Along the lines of, JOHN MCCAIN DOES NOT KNOW THAT VENEZUELA ISN’T IN THE MIDDLE EAST! Can you even believe it oh my god blah blah blah. Whatever. They can enjoy getting ulcers over John McCain’s poor choice of conjunctions or adjectives such as […]

The SFist just sent us this breaking news from San Francisco: “The ordinance initiative to changing the name of the Oceanside Wastewater Treatment Facility to the ‘George W Bush Sewage Plant’ will, in fact, be on the November ballot.” This is great news for everybody, as it will provide retaliatory amusement for San Francisco voters […]

Remember how the liberals and environmentalists were freaking out, a few days ago, because the BLM wanted to stop accepting solar-energy applications for federal land in the southwest until maybe the environmental impact of the other 125 projects already submitted could be given the sort of environmental review the environmentalists generally believe is a good […]