The Cato Institute, originally conceived as the Charles Koch Foundation in 1974, is the proud upper-crust luxury hotel for all of DC’s most erudite corporate libertarians, as well as Glenn Greenwald. It is a popular vehicle for right-wing economic ideology to sneak its way into conservative legislation. And it is, of course, one of the […]

We were skimming the website looking for some of those “free Medicare scooter” ads, but got distracted by the important news of terrible writer/awful person Ayn Rand’s 107th birthday. She doesn’t look a day over 106 … objectively. Objectively-ist. Anyway, we hope she’s enjoying being tortured for Eternity in Hell, for not believing in […]

We get several hundred emails a week from Gary Johnson’s presidential campaign begging us to go on some “blogger call” or another to hear Gary Johnson discuss his favorite jogging apps or mandatory marijuana for third graders or whatever, but we have largely ignored him because, eh, there can be ONLY ONE TRUE libertarian in […]

Koch Brothers slash-fiction pamphlet Reason is sporting this sad-face note on its Washington headquarters today. (And why is Reason in Washington? The same reason the Koch Brothers live in magnificent New York City instead of a piece of dirt with no roads and sewer system in the middle of the Texas panhandle, we guess!) Anyway, […]

Like everyone else in the nation, we have grown used to the stream of wingnut “gubmint gon’ steal ur gunz” Second Amendment action-alert emails always emanating en masse from the AOL accounts of America’s loony cousins and neighbors, OR, apparently now, from a U.S. Senator! Mother Jones spotted pantsless prick Rand Paul sticking his name on […]

Ron Paul, currently on his third run for president, is finally “in it to win” this time: he announced he will not seek re-election to his Congressional seat so he can focus on his presidential run. This has led to a massive outpouring of grief from sobbing Paultards, who all want to know WHO NOW POSSIBLY […]

TSA pat-downs have somehow become libertarian wingnuts’ favorite new “alien anal probe of death” conspiracy cause, which means they will march around and make demands, to the government, libertarians asking their government for things, and tell the dang government to go do something about it. The Florida Libertarian Party spent its July Fourth weekend writing […]

The Koch Brothers fund all these libertarian propaganda outlets to ensure they tear even more of the nation’s wealth away from its lands and people, and like all evil dynasties their domestic lives are full of treachery and awfulness. That’s why the Koch Brother known as Bill Koch is permanently at war with his siblings, […]

Why, exactly, should we raise the retirement age? Who benefits from that? Certainly not people, now being told that they’ll have to toil until death after all, just like the slaves and serfs of the cruel past. And why should the elderly now have to work to the grave? Because the Koch Brothers were born […]

We aren’t much for promoting television programs, because all televisions and the people who make television programs should be used to plug the radiation leaks at Fukushima. But, whatever, you probably always watch the teevee anyway, might as well learn something that might make you ANGRY enough to revolt: The richest brothers in the world […]

Fox Business Channel host and former Barbara Walters page boy John Stossel likes Ron Paul, so why not throw the show over to him for a little propaganda? That’s what Fox does best; may as well keep to the formula. Just insert a squirrel-voiced “Obama impersonator” and voila, you’ve got yourself a real live straw […]

Fire up the blimps, Paulites (Paulsters? new campaign, gonna need a new name for them)! Congressman Ron Paul is running for president of the United States once again, even though that is a job he will never have. It’s been a long time since the weird, ponytailed little brothers of America’s girlfriends emerged from their […]

We obviously haven’t seen the movie and were never able to get through more than a few pages (even while high) of the doorstop novel, but this web review of Atlas Shrugged was still the most enjoyable thing we read tonight … mostly because it compares the movie to John Travolta’s fantastic adaptation of Ayn […]

Teabagger-piglet Paul LePage, who somehow became governor of Maine this year despite winning just 38% of the vote, has been aggressively trying to destroy the public worker unions as per his instructions from the Tea Party (Koch Industries). Just to make sure everyone knew he was going to be an incredible jackass in this attack […]

Gary Johnson will formally announce his candidacy for president in April while stumping in New Hampshire, an adviser told POLITICO. The former New Mexico governor will skip the step of creating an exploratory committee, opting for an immediate start to his bid for the GOP nomination. Telling Politico! Fancy. Gary Johnson is a libertarian has-been […]