Wow, Gary was right! Leggy Fox News CNN Idiot S.E. Cupp truly has taken the lead for the dumbest column of 2014, and it’s going to take some massive expenditures of PunditDerp to surpass her thought-like statements about marijuana. It’s also depressing to know that someone will pull it off anyway. If nothing else, it […]

As dim Americans continue to stare blankly through the hazy toxic clouds of cable news teevee noise-static and ask, “hennnrrhhggh why are all the Wall Street protester hippies against capitalism and freedom, hrnngghh,” the intrepid reporter-folks over at The Nation meanwhile managed to¬†uncover a series of letters from the 1970s indicating that America’s most noxious […]

Blimps, they are so 2008. Why have a blimp when you can have it rain actual Paultards all over your New Hampshire campaign event? Skydivers will jump from a helicopter over Derry on Sept. 29 for an aerial display and then land in a residential yard, highlighting a special question-and-answer session about the future of […]

Mean old fartsack Lindsey Graham spoke at the “South Carolina GOP Convention” this weekend and made an enemy of RON PAUL and his supporters, the Paultards, by denouncing libertarianism and Liberty. And then he told everyone to leave, because Jim DeMint was about to shoot a firecracker out of his ass.