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Oh no, you guys, conservatives are having a sad! Sound the Drudge sirens and grab your teeniest tiniest little itty-bittiest violin. You see, while you were sleeping, or maybe watching paint dry because that would still be more exciting, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Canada) was having himself a staged, pre-arranged, utterly meaningless “filibuster” against Obamacare — […]

A liberal fraud was pushed on you this evening, friends. A dirty untruth, pushed upon you in a sinister plot to take away your weapons. Several news outlets — including your vaunted Washington Post — published a photograph of the handwritten notes former Rep. Gabby Giffords read from at a gun-control hearing this afternoon. The […]

Rapid City, SD, Councilman Bill Clayton seems like a swell fella! After all, it only took him five months to apologize to a black reporter for telling her she should be deported to Kenya. And anyway, he did not even know she was black, so he is obviously not racist. Here is something weird, though! […]

As we have already pretty much established, America is Over Now, so all that’s left is just sitting around and waiting for the last few remaining embers of Freedom to burn out. If we’re really lucky, the Ancient Mayans or Space Jebus will just smash the Earth and be done with it. So let us […]

Why is the terrible liberal media forcing Rick Santorum to yell swears at them by repeating his words back to him and asking about them? WHYYYYYY? Because they are the liberal media, duh. They could no more stop forcing Rick Santorum to yell rude swears at them by repeating his words and asking questions about […]

Comedy chuckwagon Newt Gingrich got a ton of mileage out of his cranky and peevish take-down of CNN’s John King, and by extension the whole of the liberal media empire. (And for Gingrich’s gross vehicle weight rating, tons of mileage don’t come cheap!) You will recall that ABC was scheduled to air an interview with […]

Look, it’s one of your newest pretend boyfriends, Shepard Smith of Fox News, being a Maverick and unloading on comedian Nick Di Paolo for suggesting that the Liberal media was responsible for Obama’s victory. Shep you dirty traitor! More importantly: what the hell is this? They are sitting at a beer pong table in the […]

AIR AMERICA  4:38 pm October 20, 2005

Where America?

by Greg Wasserstorm