liberal bias

Just in case you missed it, we have yet another tale of Liberal Extremism in Our TAXPAYER-SUPPORTED Universities. The most recent butthurt concerns the outrageous, unthinkable claim in a social work textbook that — hope you’re sitting down, folks — Ronald Reagan was not much of an advocate for women. More specifically, the furor started […]

Roger Ebert’s voice was literally silenced by cancer in 2006 but the world was still able to experience his invaluable thoughts, and his kindness, and his true liberal-hearted warmth. He was more than just another well-read wiseass who knew how to craft a universally accessible message. For all the power that he had as America’s […]

Are you sick of hearing about Chuck Hagel? We are sick of hearing about Chuck Hagel too, but there are so many pearls of wisdom and hidden insights in this New York Times article about him that we cannot resist sharing it with you. For example: did you know that being a war hero does […]

Well it is obviously Media Matters Day here on your Wonket, as they are our “idiotic Fox & Friends video” go-to, and Fox & Friends is on somewhat of a tear! Now? They’re just asking! why NBC would give Barack Obama such a wet, tonguey blow job by doing … a Hurricane Sandy benefit? Is […]

Ha ha, the Pew Research Center apparently paid researchers actual money to produce a study of election coverage bias when they could have just sent someone wandering down to the Kmart parking lot to ask the first person lumped atop a Hoveround with a “Sarah Palin 2016″ bumper sticker duct-taped to the back of it […]

And you thought Wonkette was having a slow news day! Well Tim Graham of the conservative Media Research Center’s porn blog, Newsbusters, has been reading most newspaper obituaries of newly dead actor Patrick Swayze, for political blog material. But it all paid off when he reached paragraph 23 of the Washington Post’s version only to […]

In last week’s installment of “Wonkette posts about Peggy Noonan’s Wall Street Journal column,” your editor Ken Layne did 100 kilos of coke and proceeded to comically insult everyone on the face of the Earth for two or seven million words. If Madam Peggington had chanced by Ken’s post, probably via that “Google Alert” on […]

Sweet criminy, did Juan McCain send out a hot e-mail this morning or what: “It’s pretty obvious that the media has a bizarre fascination with Barack Obama. Some may even say it’s a love affair. We want you to be the judge. We’ve compiled two videos of the more outrageous moments of this not so […]