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Today’s Wonkette Letter to the Editor comes courtesy of “Luke Pretty,” at luke0606@hotmail.com, in response to Judge Smacked Down Just For Talking Sense About Your ‘Technical’ Violent Rape: I just read your article on your incompetent Judge Derek Johnson, and I wanted you to know you should kill yourself. Or maybe die attempting unsuccessfully to […]

Parents! Have you ever wanted to rip your kids from the dastardly public school system, but worried that your own lack of education (and terrible laziness) would turn your children into raving dolts? Well worry no more, as a website for LGBT people with mental health issues in New Zealand (there really is a home […]

Walt Wawra has a problem. He went to Canada with his wife, and while they were there, two gentlemen approached them — in broad daylight! — and asked if they had been to the Stampede yet. When they did not answer, the men asked AGAIN. Why won’t Canada let Mr. Wawra shoot this clearly criminally […]

Florida Congressman, professional Commie-spotter, and dude who tortured a dude and is-not-sorry-about-it-no-sir Allen West will be the first to tell you (and tell you, and tell you again) that he does not do NUANCE, on a battlefield NUANCE will get an IED up your ASS. So what is the best venue for expression for a […]

Currently one of the most unpopular governors in the country, Florida Gov. Rick Scott is struggling to figure out how to convince Florida voters that he is not a total loser (which will fail, because he is). Here is Rick Scott’s super-sophisticated bazillion-dollar genius public relations attack plan: he will ask his few remaining supporters […]

UH OH, THE 2012 CAMPAIGN IS HEATING UP! On Tuesday, your editor made fun of Ron Paul’s new fleeing eagle logo and alleged that the campaign stole their red-white-and-blue swoosh from Mitt Romney’s campaign, who had, we found earlier, stolen his swoosh from the Aquafresh logo. But according to some 21-year-old with an Etsy named […]

Hey, our friend Dennis with the animated upskirt kiddy cartoon e-mail signature sent us another notice about being pinheads. “Yep, pinheads who don’t watch Glenn Beck really are progressive morons. Mr. Beck constantly tells his vast audience ‘Don’t take my word for it, look-it up for yourself. We have and found his tenets to be […]

We have no idea why this Glenn Beck notice we threw up the other day has gotten so much traffic, but it has, much of it from Glenn Beck fans, apparently. Did we say something mean about Glenn Beck? That post is probably one of the nicest things this blog has ever said about the […]

Poor frustrated reader “bob” has clearly driven himself insane, trying to print out this Internet thing.

CIVIC DUTIES  10:20 pm November 4, 2008

by Sara K. Smith

LETTER FROM A VIRGINIA POLL WORKER: Katie the Poll Worker writes, “The reason Fairfax County is taking so long is because there are two types of voting machines. People can walk in and decide to vote with a paper ballot (read like a Scantron test from high school) or on the robot machines. Which means […]

Wonkette established itself early as the publication of record for all things Sarah Palin, so it’s no surprise that random mouth-breathing yokels emerging from their basement masturbatoriums to eagerly Google “SARAH PALIN NAKED” would end up looking at this site — a weird amalgam of dirty jokes, paeans to Truck Nutz, and actual political news […]