Your Wonkette reporter of The Homosexuals is back bearing good news, or as they like to call it in church, “a new gospel”: All of the world’s lesbians have been fully repented for! This happened last week, in Sacramento, at a big Jesus party thrown by My Boyfriend Lou Engle. Though he has failed utterly in […]

Despite the encouraging fact that your President Obama hates the Girl Scouts, Real AmeriKKKA knows that this lady-driven NGO is just a haven for rug-munching, carpet-licking, hole-fisting feminazis! Or at least that’s what Republican Hans Zeiger, House candidate from Washington, wrote once, on these very Internets! Yes, it seems this handsome twentysomething gent with the […]

This is a pretty informative montage of cable-news journalism that TPM has put together. Sure, we’ve known for 40+ years that Pat Buchanan was a lesbian, after he let it slip mid-sentence in one of those “Southern Strategy” memos. But Joe Scarborough? Didn’t know Joe Scarborough was a lesbian. CORRECTION: We knew Joe Scarborough was […]

RNC comedy chairman Michael Steele has finally stepped up and taken responsibility for the Republicans’ insane bondage-lesbian-strip-club party spending, if by “stepped up” you mean “he fired the finance director and the deputy finance director.” (He fired another minor character in this sexytime melodrama back in March.) Steele, America’s Number One hilarious person, told RNC […]

Michael Steele’s exclusive fraternity, the GOP “Young Eagles,” just rolls from strip joint to strip joint, blowing two-grand a pop on Kristol and lap dances. And dumb Republican donors pay for all this, while Socialism is the Law of the Land! What are these Young Republicans typing to each other, anyway?

Jeez, Michael Steele’s Republican Party is just throwing its own loyalists under the bus for the hell of it. Turns out Orange County GOP donor Erik Brown covered the Republicans’ party tab at lesbian-bondage disco-strip-bar Club Voyeur West because the RNC’s credit card was rejected. The RNC staffer reportedly said to Brown, who was sitting […]

Wonkette pal (and your editor’s former editor at LA CityBeat) Rebecca Schoenkopf sends this note regarding Erik Brown, the Orange County GOP donor now taking the fall for the RNC’s $2,000 sexytime at West Hollywood’s Club Voyeur bondage-lesbian den of debauchery: “I know Erik Brown really well; we used to do a radio show together,” […]

America’s #1 Republican, GOP Chairman Michael Steele, likes to “make it rain” at fancy liberal sex clubs. According to important new Republican webzine The Daily Caller, just last month Steele “spent $1,946.25 at Voyeur West Hollywood, a bondage-themed nightclub featuring topless women dancers imitating lesbian sex.” He dropped more than $15,000 at the Beverly Hills […]

Infer what you will from this latest polling of Dumb America. Probably the simplest and therefore most correct explanation is, “Whoa shit, lesbians! Nice!!” [CBS News]

Hmm… it appears, from what we would infer to be a “polite” tone here, that Barack Obama will not pursue crippling sanctions against the city of Houston for electing some lesbian as its mayor. GRRRR, THESE DEMOCRATS! [Burnt Orange Report via Ben Smith]

Have you heard? Gays are, apparently, allowed to run for political office in Texas! One such gay actually won the mayoralty of Houston this weekend. Let’s learn a little bit more about Mayor-elect Annise Parker, who offers a winning combination of fiscal management skills and lesbianism.

Today, the LG-BLT crowd is finally happy with the breeder Barack Obama, because he has awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom to an alive lesbian (Billie Jean King) and a dead gay man (Harvey Milk) along with many sundry black people from both Africa and (maybe?) the United States. Also: Stephen Hawking, a known scientist/god-hater […]

Goddamnit, OF COURSE the first “residents” of Washington to get the pig AIDS are a couple of twats at the most expensive school in America, George Washington University. From the GW newspaper: “[Department of Health head Peter Pierre] Vigilance said that the cases have been sent the Centers for Disease Control for further testing. The […]

We last heard of “Iceland” in the fall during those first exciting weeks of the Global Great Depression, when our proudly “interconnected” global economy did what it ultimately was designed to do: self-implode all at once. Since most/all of Iceland’s prosperity in the last decade was derived from a burgeoning financial sector, all of its […]

You will certainly want to watch all eight minutes of Jenna and Laura’s crazy time over on the lesbian teevee show! Let us know if anything good happens. For us, the highlight was about 35 seconds in when Jenna sits down and crosses her legs and flashes some panty. And then we quit watching, because […]