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Wonkette Breathlessly Awaiting Chris Cillizza’s Analysis Of Today’s Hillary Clinton And Steve Wynn Stories

Ten bucks he figures out a way to blame both stories on Hillary.

A List Of All The Women Who Are To Blame For Harvey Weinstein Being A Sex Pig, By Some Idiots

Behind every successful man is a woman who DIDNT EVEN STOP HIM.

Do You Think Putin Brought The Pee Tape? Wonkagenda For Fri., July 7, 2017

Trump meets Putin, TrumpCare might be collapsing, and Illinois FINALLY gets a budget. Your morning news brief.
He seems nice!

Milo Quits Breitbart To Spend More Time Giggling About Pedo Sex

How the 'mighty' have fallen!
No, Bill, we haven't forgotten.

DNC Night Two: How Many Hours Will Bill Clinton Talk Tonight? Here Is Your Livebloog!

Night Two of the DNC started with the formal nomination of Hillary Clinton as U.S. America's first female major party nominee

Freedom Loving Tween Band Wants To Raise ONE MILLION DOLLARS To Send Anti-Trump Celebs To Canada

The USA Freedom Kids want to send Jon Stewart and Cher to Canadia.
I promise I'll be gentle

Jeb Bush Would Like Your Electoral Cherry, Young Man

After performing well below even his own pitifully low expectations in the Iowa caucuses and spending roughly $2,884 for every one of the pitifully few votes he won there, Jeb! Bush continued on to New Hampshire, where he headed...
I must object! Josh isn't even IN this one! You morans can't even tell your Duggars apart!

Deleted Comments: Leave The Duggars Alooooooone

Hey, we promised you a Duggars ShitFerBrains, and then last week we had to go and write about that children's book about Hell instead, so here we finally are with the best of the worst of our deleted Duggars...

Sarah Palin Goes On Fox To Yell At Fox For Molesting Duggar Girls On Fox

Watch the latest video at video.foxnews.comIs Sarah Palin on drugs? We don't know, but maybe! We hear Alaska is a great place for scoring meth, to buy with your government hand-out checks from sweet drill-baby-drilled oil profits. And maybe...
Which one is the grossest? Yes!

Mama Grizzly Sarah Palin Gives Duggars Tongue Bath Just Like She Does With Her Own Cubs

Terrible people Sarah Palin and Bristol Palin have finally speaked some words, on the internet, about their fellow reality TV fame whores, the Duggars, and you will never guess what they have to say about Josh diddling his kid...
Separated at Birth?

Some Jerk Trolled All The Conservatives About Lena Dunham What A Jerk

From our good pal and Happy Nice Time People alumnus Kaleb Horton comes an epic tale of Mistaken Reading. Usually, the "fake thing mistaken for real thing" stories we most often see result from some poor doofus getting taken in...
Holy nightmare fuel, Batman!

Sunday Bloody NYT Sunday: Special Tom Friedman Rented ‘Batman’ Edition

Most of the news today is predictably awful, so we will just skim it, thank you. Good god, you people aren't actually relying on Yr Wonkette to be informed, are you? It looks like the government of...

I Take Birth Control Because I’m A Slutty Slut Who Sluts So Hard. You?

Okay, so, birth control. It's this, like, medication-type thing, right? Like Advil for your aches and pains. Or aspirin so you don't stroke out or have a heart attack. Or Flintstones vitamins so you grow up big and strong...

Happy Talkin Talkin Happy Talk (Etc)

In today's edition of Things We Didn't Already Crosspost Here, we have Klingon Nerd Beer for Nerds, Our Terrible Brackets (Jeff wouldn't let me choose EVERY underdog for EVERY sportsball match, despite the fact I almost won ALL THE...

What Is Everyone Yelling About Today? Photoshopping Lena Dunham For Vogue Of Course!

Yesterday, Jezebel offered a $10,000 bounty to anyone who would slip them the unretouched photos from Lena Dunham's Vogue cover shoot. We immediately had to endure a spate of pieces about it ranging from the OMG Photoshop Fail variety...

Wingnuts Outraged: HBO Lady Lena Dunham Pees All Over Memorial Day

Say, would you believe that conservative blogonauts found something to spend Memorial Day DEEPLY OFFENDEDED over? Yes, we know, what are the odds? The shocking contretemps involved Lena Dunham, that terrible awful young lady who made an innuendo-laden video...