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Tag: leaks

Really Nice Time: Obama Commutes Chelsea Manning’s Sentence To Time Served Plus A Tiny More

President Obama issued one last burst of commutations for federal prisoners Monday, including a reduction of Chelsea Manning's sentence from 35 years to time served, plus another four months so she can get ready for life after prison. The...

CNN Reporter Banished To Pee-oria For Asking Question At Trump Press Conference

Since when is the lying press allowed to ask questions at a press conference?

Please Forget Trump’s Pee Hookers And Focus On The Treason, You Know Allegedly

Whatever this is, it's not 'Fake News' -- It's unverified, but it wasn't made up by Macedonian teenagers.
WikiLeaks needs more lady rasslin'

Wikileaks Really Mad Somebody Leaked CIA Report Before Russia Could

Life During InfoWartime.

Vermont Utility Wasn’t Hacked By Russia After All. Also, Stop Worrying About Endangered Feces.

Why is everyone so upset about the plight of Soviet jewelry?
Yes, Virginia, there IS an ethics probe

In Charming Seasonal Ritual, FBI Investigates Virginia Governor. No, The New Guy

Yes, Virginia, there IS a federal investigation. But we have no idea what exactly is being investigated. It's Terry McAuliffe, there's always something.
There was a whole series of these literary masterpieces

Horny Secret Service Dude Tried To Trade Obama Schedule For Panty Access, Allegedly

Mercy sakes! MORE tales of Secret Service dumbfuckery, only this time it's not coming from the Washington Post's Carol Leonnig, who has owned this story. This time the story comes from a blog called InsideSources, and it alleges: Multiple sources...
We don't even care that this came from an animal liberation blog. That's one funny sign

Ferguson Grand Jury About As Fair And Impartial As You’d Expect

Just in case you were worried that the investigation into the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, wasn't a great enough fuckpile, here's one extra little nugget to increase everyone's confidence that justice will be done: the Washington...

Intelligence Community Cracking Down On Leaks About Weaponized Armored Dolphin Soldiers Probably

Fox News has uncovered chilling evidence that Bamz is running the least transparent, most fascist administration EVAH. America’s top spy, or department head, James Clapper has attacked freedom, by writing a strongly worded memo addressed to employees of the...

Sad Bob Woodward Would Have Journalismed Edward Snowden Way Better Than That Dumb Glenn Greenwald

Superhero Videogame Star and onetime journalist Bob Woodward has a sad that Edward Snowden talked to other journalists instead of to Legendary Journalist Bob Woodward. Not for his own sake, of course, but for the sake of Journamalism and...

Fine, Here Is Your Wonkpinion On The Bradley Manning Verdict

An Army judge has found Private First Class Bradley Manning guilty on most charges relating to espionage, in his release of classified information to Wikileaks. Manning was found not guilty on the biggest charge, "aiding the enemy," which could...

Russia Tired Of Snowden, Says He Can Have Freedom If He Shuts Up Already

It is time once again for another round of our new favorite game, Where in the World is Edward Snowden? Last we heard of our intrepid hero, he was still stranded in the transit zone of the Moscow...

Somewhat Sort Of Semi Nice-Time: FBI Nominee Comey Condemns That Waterboarding He Authorized A While Back

James Comey, Barack Obama's nominee for Director of the FBI, testified Tuesday that he believes whistle-blowers are a necessary part of democracy. Appearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee, Comey said that “whistle-blowers are also a critical element of a functioning...

Your Handy Wonkette Guide To How You Should Feel About Edward Snowden

It has been nearly a month since Edward Snowden woke us from our pleasant dream that the Fourth Amendment was still a thing, yet amazingly, the NSA's legal-sure-why-not data suck-and-swallow is still a major story. Yr Wonkette loves the...

Donald Trump Wonders Why We Aren’t Killing More Whistleblowers

You know what the problem is with this whole Edward Snowden/NSA leaks thing? Not nearly enough action! Donald Trump has a solution, though! We need some executions, just like we needed in the Central Park Five case! On Monday's...

Edward Snowden, We Need To Talk

First things first: Thank you, Edward Snowden. You made a few more people care that we pawned away some valuable shit that might be tough to get back. (There was some panic buying on Feeling Safer, can you blame...