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This one came with a box of cereal

God Sends Cliven Bundy A Mistrial

Clearly the federal prosecutors need a refresher course at the Derek Zoolander School For Kids Who Can't Litigate Good.

LOL Hillary Clinton Might Beat Donald Trump In Utah

So who would have guessed that Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are tied in the deep red state of Utah? You go, Beehive State!

Mormon Church Strangely OK With Hate Crimes, Because ‘Fairness’

Those Wacky Mormons (a sitcom coming never to ABC) just can't seem to figure out what they really think about discrimination against LGBT people. Last year, the LDS church surprised us by supporting a Utah law banning discrimination against...
May 2015 was like a whole century ago in Trump Time

Maybe Donald Trump Should Pay To Repair All These Mosques

It's been a busy seven days for people who want to protect America from the Muslim Threat! Since Donald Trump announced his completely impossible policy proposal to ban Muslims from entering the USA on December 7, there have been...

End Of World Off To Slow Start

Hey, everybody, better get your butts out of bed and off to your jobs after all, because it looks like the Mormon Apocalypse has failed to materialize. At least, so far. As we noted in our earlier story, some...
The living will envy the dead

Run For Your Lives, The Apocalypse Is Coming, And This Time It’s Mormon!

Any time you start getting too cocky about how we're a modern technological society that has space exploration and fancy digital watches and everything, it's nice to see a reminder that at least some of us are still impressed...
This stuff is pretty good, actually. Made in Park City, Utah.

Sincerely Held Belief In Publicity Inspires Reality TV Polygamists To Apply For Marriage License

In a move calculated to make every fundagelical family-values type scream "We told you so!" a polygamous Montana guy has applied for a license to marry his second wife, so that she can be just as legally married to...

Mormons Suddenly Okay With Some Gay Rights, Weird!

So here's a sentence we never would have predicted we'd type: Leaders of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints have come out (ahem!) in support of a Utah law prohibiting discrimination against LGBT people. Not surprisingly,...

Derp Roundup: BYU-Idaho Fights The Battle Of The Boner, And Other Dispatches From The War On Stupid

Welcome, O Wonkers and Wankers, to another edition of the Derp Roundup, the weekly feature where we clean the sticky residue of stoopid stories from our browser tabs, cut it with a secret mix of chemicals from Freedumb Industries,...

Weekly Standard: Filthy Rich Romney Gave Far More To ‘Charity’ Than Did Merely Wealthy Joe Biden

Hey, everyone, just stop being so mean to Mitt Romney, right now, OK? Jeffrey Anderson of the Weekly Standard has done some math that conclusively proves that Mitt Romney is the kindest, bravest, warmest, most wonderful human being we've...