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‘Crying Nazi’ Lawyer Knows What Comedy Is, And It Sounds Exactly Like ‘Mein Kampf’

Cantwell is also encouraging his 'supporters' to 'monitor' his accusers online activities.

Wingnuts Having Multiple Race-Gasms Over DOJ Plan To Murder Affirmative Action

Don't count Jeff Sessions out of the race (baiting) yet, baby.

Mediocre White Kids To Finally Get Their Chance! Thanks, Justice Department!

Why is the Justice Department ordering all these cardboard standees of George Wallace?

How Many Russians Does It Take To Rig An Election? Wonkagenda For Tues., June 6, 2017

The NSA loses some Trump-Russia documents, Trump's DC hotels have some problems, and US diplomats have some concerns. Your daily news brief!

Rape Trial Lawyer Says Women Are Liars Because They’re The Weaker Sex. Jury … Agrees?!

On Thursday night, Steve Farese, an attorney in Memphis, Tennessee, laid out his closing arguments in defense of accused rapist and prominent local businessman Mark Giannini. Rather than arguing the facts of the case, he argued what he believed...

Arizona’s BYO Drugs Death Penalty Tailgate Party!!!

Nation Wonders What Arizona is Smoking as State Encourages Death Row Lawyers to Take Side Jobs as Drug Dealers
Ground Control To Governor Moonbeam...

California Gov. Jerry Brown Is Having None Of Trump’s Climate Crap

Governor Moonbeam is back, and he rocks.
We won't, we promise.

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder Hires Fancy New Lawyers, Just In Case He’s A Giant Criminal

Rick Snyder, governor of Michigan, has been telling us for a million days now how it's not HIS fault the water in Flint is made of lead mucus pube sludge. It's the feds' fault! It's the government's fault! (Huh?) Or...
Anna, divorce can be really great. You should try it.

Josh Duggar’s Penis Banned From TLC, Maybe From His Wife Too

There comes a time several times a day when we get an email that says "gross thing about Duggar family, please read." So here's a new development, and it's about the gross "Josh Duggar" character, who is currently serving...
haw haw haw

Alaska Republican Will Sue You If You Broadcast His Butt-Dials

Here's a fun legal question for all you lawyerly types out there: do two-party consent rules apply to audio recordings arising from butt-dials? Answer: we have no idea, but two Alaska Republicans sure hope they do! In 2008, Dan Coffey (R-Recently Changed His...

Federalist Society 2014: Conservalawyers Throw Constitution Terrible Party

If you were in the nation's capital over the weekend, you might have sensed a certain something in the air. Beyond DC's typical ambient pomposity, there was an extra whiff of self-satisfied libertarianism and an elevated concentration of unironic bowties in the area...
Your modern 'ethical standards' frighten and confuse me

Stupid Prosecutors Tried To Get Prison Time For Felon Dinesh D’Souza, Unfair!

Tuesday was the day of reckoning for fish-lipped poop goblin Dinesh D’Souza to stand tall before The Man and learn his sentence for funneling illegal donations to a friend’s senate campaign. Both prosecutors and defense lawyers had submitted sentencing...
Kerry Bentivolio

Kerry Bentivolio’s Wild Reindeer Ride Through Congress Is Almost Over

In Kerry Bentivolio's short legislative career, brought to you by the staggering incompetence and possible sabotage of the dunces on his predecessor's campaign staff, the reindeer-wrangler-turned-congressman has fought for his tea party values, dreamed dreams of impeachment, and promised to look into which...

Griftiness, Bill O’Reilly, Atari Cartridges, And Assorted Other Sundry Happy Links

Did you know about this super-grifty dude who was head of the Los Angeles branch of the NAACP? He is gone now, probably because of how he was big pals with Donald Sterling. Also because grifty. Bill O'Reilly is obsessed...

Nice Time: Falsely Convicted Man Uses Settlement For Scholarship To Make More Bleeding Heart Defense Lawyers

Much though we love feeding you guys a constant diet of anger porn, once in a while we come across a story where just about everybody gets a hug (but only if it's consensual). And from the always-awesome Texas...