Right on the heels of suspending the “Bling Bishop,” New Pope has another misbehaving European prelate on his hands: Archbishop Jozef Michalik, the head of the Polish Episcopate, who kind of made everybody in Poland groan and slap their foreheads (we hope?) for suggesting that children abused by priests share some of the blame for […]

So here’s some conclusive evidence that hydraulic fracturing is bad for women’s health: A guy who became a billionaire in the industry is bankrolling an effort to persuade lawyers to sue abortion providers for malpractice and put them out of business. Kate Sheppard at Mother Jones reports that a Texas group called “Life Dynamics” is […]

Psychocaloric teevee food ogress Paula Deen said some bad stuff about racial stuff, and now she is unemployed, like a common Poor! Remember when Yr Wonkette covered the lawsuit — a story which we think we might have broken, sure why not — that elicited Deen’s recent, be-n-worded deposition before The Law? Having been place […]

An 18 year old airline passenger is suing the pants off United Airlines after a flight crew took no action on her repeated complaints about a disgusting passenger who was “masturbating and exposing his penis” for “long periods” on a six-hour flight last October. Monica Amestoy, who was 17 at the time, is seeking damages […]

UPDATE: We are almost certain the entire “Legal Defense Fund” website is a hoax to make Mr. M. Joseph Sheppard look bad, which is a shame. Mr. M. Joseph Sheppard will look how he will look without help from any “clever” Internet folk. We apologize for having been very stupid. SHAME ON US. SHAME. SHAAAAAAME. […]

Brooklyn judge Arthur Schack pulled out his punking thesaurus the other day to slap down birther Christopher Earl Strunk’s latest frivolous lawsuit (of around 20), which claims that your Barry Soetoro is not eligible to run for preznet. In a written order, Schack went all Gabe Kotter on Strunk, saying that his 2011 suit was […]

It turns out everyone’s favorite closeted homosexual support group the Republican Party seems to have wanted Lady Gaga at last summer’s Republican National Convention far more than it wanted noted sleeping aid Mitt Romney there: according to the hilarious details of a lawsuit against one of the RNC vendors, Lady Gaga was offered one million […]

Wonket bestie Bradlee Dean is still trying to tell schools how they should be, even though he keeps getting chased out of schools (and even whole towns!) for being The Worst. But here is a funny thing! In his newest “Good Old Days” column, in which he pines for a yesteryear when children could take […]

Well, here is a terrible story out of New Mexico that is about as funny as a feminist: A 59-year-old man jailed (BUT NEVER PROSECUTED OR CONVICTED) for alleged DUI was dumped into solitary confinement to keep him away from other prisoners due to his history of mental illness — and left there for almost […]

“Why is Betsy Rothstein such a fucking cunt?” we were asking sometime last year, after FishbowlDC editor Betsy Rothstein decided we were a giant alcoholic who loves to make things up (fine) without even checking to see if we were indeed making things up! (We weren’t; the goodly folks at Politico had their own thoughts […]

If there is one thing you will learn from the workplace accident documentary Extract, it is that losing one ball is the sweet spot in any work-injury claim. Lose both, and the jury can’t identify with you, as they themselves would never — could never — be similarly unmanned. Lose neither, and why are they […]

Why is that cop putting on rubber gloves and coming towards me, you might be wondering next time you are pulled over for littering and live in Texas and see a cop coming towards you wearing rubber gloves. Oh THAT, don’t worry about that, just close your eyes and think of England! This is what […]

Sure, there’s a war on women (but it’s more like a no-fly zone on women, no?), but why isn’t anyone paying attention to that other catastrophic American culture war -the war by women. It’s bad enough that young boys suffer as casualties when women of all ages insist on assaulting traditional American gender roles, but […]

We have news! Pregnancy news! Unfortunately, it is not about Kate Middleton, whom we have never met, but would like to, because WOWIE. No, no. Listen up, this one is not about royal babies, this one is about America the land of the fucking free, where we do not have duchesses, we have pregnant call […]

Well, it has happened AGAIN! Some treason-loving judge has decided that an Orly Taitz Lawsuit Special did not seem to have any basis in “law” or “evidence,” and would not let the realtor/dentist/lawyer/X-Files Fluke-Man compel Occidental College to release President Afrika Bambaataa’s college records even though Ms. Taitz explained to Occidental’s general counsel that if […]