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Wonkette contributing editor Lauri Apple started blogging for us two months ago, but her art has been seen here since before Barry Hussein Nobama even became the socialist president. What is going on? We will find out.

Important news about old what’s-her-name, America’s Dentist: “Lawyer Orly Taitz has been told she won’t be allowed to speak at a Tea Party tax day rally in Pleasanton on Thursday because other candidates planning to be on the platform basically don’t want to be seen with her.” Why not? She’s great at old sex, which […]

So now Barack Obama thinks he can just lose the White House press corps whenever he feels like it, because he “needs his space” or “wants some uninterrupted family time” or whatever. This guy is not a patriotic real American, with his hatred of our nation’s most cherished traditions and his unseemly love for the […]

Poor old Tom Coburn was a wingnut proto-teabagger Republican Hero until the other day, when he went INSANE and told a crowd of morons they should maybe not be so hateful and personal about politics, when reasonable people can disagree, etc., and Nancy Pelosi is actually a “nice lady.” Wonkette op-art contributor Lauri Apple takes […]

POLITICAL ART VIOLENCE  12:29 pm March 7, 2010

by Ken Layne

LAURI APPLE IS FAMOUS IN THE NEW YORK TIMES: Famous Chicago artist and Wonkette contributor Lauri Apple has a crazy art show coming up in Chicago, which, according to the NYT, may provoke “mass hysteria, a police presence and flaming piles of artwork.” [New York Times]

Did you read the big New York Times Magazine thing about Harry Reid? Neither did we! But artistic contributor Lauri Apple claims to have at least skimmed the 58,000-word feature, which apparently revealed that the 70-year-old Nevada senator wears black (African-American?) yoga pants and Grateful Dead t-shirts. Gross. Also, from another article altogether — about […]

Wonkette artistic contributor (and Chicago Reader staffer, yay!) Lauri Apple has a special War On Xmas Eve present to bless all of you, everyone: It’s the Talking Thomas Friedman Doll, direct from a business-class flight from some exotic foreign destination with Pizza Huts and golf courses! He’s so full of crap, your dogs will try […]

The Freedom Tray is America’s Favorite New War On Xmas Fad! Wonkette artistic contributor Lauri Apple made this beautiful representation of Jesus himself enjoying all the fruits of Amerikkka, in His own Laz-E-Boy porta potty. And legitimate newspaper the News-Observer has published a lovely history of the Freedom Tray, which was created by a team […]

Our little Levi Johnston is known for one thing, and that’s putting his wang into Sarah Palin’s teen-aged daughter’s hoohah. AND YET … his Playgirl pictorial will be ruined by some type of duck blind over his ding-dong. But what will cover Wasilla’s most infamous working-class wiener? Our op-art specialist Lauri Apple has many suggestions.

Even though we attended The Week‘s Opinion Awards with David Brooks a few months back and very much looked forward to making pleasant conversation with him over the lobster thermidor, we got stuck in the back with some old gents who did not believe anybody could blog “for a living.” But if we had sat […]

Oh hey did you hear crazy dwarf-alien Kim Jong-Il has been shooting rockets into the sea, by North Korea? No? ARE YOU SILLY AMERICANS SO OBSESSED WITH THE DEATH OF KING-POP MICHAEL JACKSON AS TO NOT FOLLOW NORTH KOREA’S MIGHTY THREATS? Well, Lil’ Kim wants you to know he is twice as weird as Wacko […]

Good news for the Political Arts: Our Chicago pal Lauri Apple is now officially Wonkette’s op-art artist-contributor of Fine Political Arts! And here is her delightful chart of Sarah Palin’s many, many half-dozen regrets in life. Click for the full-size version, and say hi to Lauri.

David Souter, the “stealth yankee” who drove wingnuts crazy with his plain old New England Republican common-sense decisions, is finally leaving the town he hated for the entire two decades he spent working at the Supreme Court. And now he is free, thanks to Barack Obama, the Dream-Maker. Let’s celebrate with this latest political art […]

There is only one way we’re buying Rod Blagojevich’s sure-to-be-shitty “inside story” about how he’s an “incompetent crook” and “washed-up circus clown” — and that’s if Chicago’s Lauri Apple actually provides the cover art. And the “book” is not actually written by Rod Blagojevich, and is also not about him at all. The back cover […]

Lauri Apple! She’s that artist who did the wonderful picture of Rod Blagojevich parachuting himself there! Now she has produced a little drawing of Roland Burris, which is great, because we were getting sick of using the old video capture and the mausoleum shot all the time. [Chicagoist]