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Fox News Not Sure How To Tell You, But One Manafort Judge Is Woman And Other IS BLACK!!!1!

Nobody at Fox News could be persuaded to put a byline on this story. Must be good journamalism!

Your Weekly Top Ten Wishes Angela Merkel Was Our REAL President


Superlawyer Larry Klayman Wants To ‘Legally, Peacefully’ Imprison All Liberals

Seems like Larry Klayman might have been projecting when he promised Obama would put conservatives in FEMA camps. What are the odds???

Superlawyer Larry Klayman Suing Obama, Hillary, Black Panthers For ‘Race War.’ As One Does.

The list also includes George Soros, Eric Holder, Louis Farrakhan and your mom.

Wonkagenda: Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The return of Benghazi Mom, a great wall of taco trucks, & the flabby arm of the law! Here's your daily news brief!
Oh! It's this asshole again!

Hey, What’s Larry Klayman Doing? Oh Just Suing Hillary Clinton For Email-Murdering Benghazi

Hillary Clinton's being sued by the families of two of the Americans who died at Benghazi. More accurately, she's being sued by America's Worst Lawyer.

Wingnut Superlawyer Larry Klayman Sues All The Black People, For Being Scary And Mean

Have you been in an accident? On the job or in your car? Was that accident caused by black people mentioning that racism still exists?
This copy of the Constitution came in a box of cereal

Cliven Bundy Lawsuit Against Obama Demands $50 Million, Get Out Of Jail Free Card, And A Pony

Cliven Bundy has filed a massively stupid lawsuit against President Obama, Sen. Harry Reid, and the federal judge in his criminal case. It's good for some laughs if nothing else.

Superlawyer Larry Klayman Can’t Represent Armed Bundy Gang, Probably Because Judge Is On Rag

A bitch judge who is probably totally on the rag won't let Larry Klayman represent Cliven Bundy and his misshapen sons, because she says Larry Klayman is bad at law and lied to her and misrepresents everything and did...
It's so rare to see someone who cares about the Flag

SCOTUS Smacks Down Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Fever Dreams Of Deporting President Obama

Bad news for Sheriff Joe Arpaio, the scourge of humanity and also Arizona. While the Supreme Court agreed on Tuesday to hear United States v. Texas, a case about President Obama's executive order to hit the pause button on deporting 4...
We should probably start calling him that. But we sort of like Begley.

America’s Worst Lawyer, Larry Klayman, Explains How Barack Obama Got Those Blacks Shot In Charleston

Idiot bag of lawyer scrapings Larry Klayman took a brief break from his usual agenda of calling for the overthrow of illegal president Barack Hussein Obama last week so he could mourn the nine victims of the massacre in...
Actual pic of Larry Klayman

America’s Worst Lawyer, Larry Klayman, Suing Clintons Again, Totally Gonna Nail ‘Em Now!

At last, someone is brave enough to try, for the first hundredth time ever, to hold the Clintons accountable for being the Clintons. And surprise! It's the conservative group Freedom Watch, the brainfart of Larry Klayman, Esquire JD --...

Rick Santorum Meets South Carolina Lady Who’s Crazier Than Rick Santorum

Rick Santorum took a few questions from the audience at last weekend's South Carolina National Security Action Summit, an annual Gathering Of The Wingaloos sponsored by conspiracy theorist, rightwing hack, and Islam-panicked freak Frank Gaffney. So it's not too...
He IS Justice!

America’s Toughest Sheriff And Dumbest Lawyer Team Up To Sue Obama

In what promises to be a Very Important Legal Challenge to an out of control dictator, serial publicity whore Joe Arpaio, who'd rather play Border Patrol than enforce boring laws about robbery and sexual assault and stuff, has teamed...

Judge Who Probably Has Vagina Teeth Defeats Poor Super-Lawyer Larry Klayman Again

Bitches, man. There you are, trying to sue Rachel Maddow for defamation for quoting your client verbatim, and some hag judge "lady" -- in your words, "a woman scorned" -- does not even let you win! Naturally, you try...

Wingnut Super-Lawyer Larry Klayman Wants Obama Deported Over Fake Birth Certificate

When last we heard from tousle-headed super-lawyer Larry Klayman, he was accepting a public censure from the Washington, D.C. Court of Appeals Board on Professional Responsibility. We were a little surprised that Litigious Larry wasn’t fighting harder, but he...