Larry Elder

Have you been wandering alone in the liebrul wilderness that is comedy on teevee, America? Stuck with your Stephen Colberts and your Jon Stewarts ramming their liberal agendas down your throat, because that is the weird thing you say every time someone says something you don’t like and what the fuck with the throat-ramming analogy […]

Columnist and someone who proudly never gives rimjobs on the first date Larry Elder has a new-ish book to sell to his audience of eager white people looking for a nice facade of acceptability to excuse spewing warmed-over Jesse Helms bullshit in public. Elder is especially conscious of the fact that the people who pay […]

California Governor/Sam the Eagle impersonator Jerry Brown appeared the other day on conservative talker Larry Elder’s radio show, but wasn’t granted the easy treatment one would expect from a member of the liberal-loving media like…Larry Elder? As NewsBusters readers know all too well, Democratic elected officials across the fruited plain are used to softball interviews […]