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Dammit, Loretta Lynch! Dammit, James Comey!

Lynch could have stopped Comey from throwing the election. But she didn't.
It's Banksy, in a canal, with a spray can.

House Science Committee Celebrates Death Of Facts By Retweeting Fake Breitbart Climate Article

What's that? The House Science Committee retweeted Breitbart? Honey, it IS Breitbart.
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Wonkagenda: September 21, 2016

You get in here and read your news brief, RIGHT NOW!
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At Least Your Boss Didn’t Make You Spend Your Unpaid Sunday With Mitt Romney

Some thought coal magnate Robert Murray of corporate behemoth Murray Energy broke the law when he made his people attend a 2012 Mitt Romney rally on a fucking Sunday in August when there was definitely nothing better these miners...
oh dear

Poor Exxon Finds Congressional White Knight To Take On Government Bullies

Thank God this nice congressman will fight off the scientists pretending global warming 'exists.'

Texas Rep. Not Saying Obama Made Up Climate Change Hoax, He’s Just Askin’

In Texas, every schoolboy learns, apparently, that he can say anything, no matter how crazy it sounds, so long as he's just askin' what everyone's a-thinkin', is all. Don't you dare accuse Republican Rep. Louie Gohmert of saying President Obama is a...
Go home, NASA, you're drunk

Republicans Slash Money For NASA Because NASA Might Use It For Science

The House Science Committee, in a move that took absolutely no one by surprise, voted last week to slash NASA's budget for Earth sciences, because apparently the planet we live on has had enough science done to it and doesn't...
Who wouldn't like a nice warm planet?

House Science Committee Solves Climate Change By Just Not Studying It

Good news, America! The House Science Committee is going to help solve global warming and other problems by cutting the funding to study them! If you don't have a bunch of scientists getting rich off climate studies, there won't...
REAL science helps the jerb creators

Republicans Will Save Hero Polluters From EPA’s Mad Scientists

You've got to at least respect the cunning of the oil industry buddies in Congress who are pushing a pair of bills aimed at restricting the EPA: They've given their bills names that Frank Luntz would just love --...
Boondoggle! Government Waste! Volcano Monitoring!

You Will Be Outraged By The Tax Dollars Not Spent On This Dumb Science Thing!

You probably heard about the terrible waste of money where the National Science Foundation threw three million dollars at some stupid scientists who ran shrimp on a treadmill, we bet. It was big news in 2008, and kept on...
Some people say...

Texas Congresstwit: Study Of Internet Spam Is Secret Obama Plot To Silence Conservatives

It must be difficult to live in a world where dark conspiracies are always seeking to destroy America and crush freedom. And lord knows, Our Government has certainly done some seriously nasty stuff! The thing is -- and we're...

House GOP, Unable To Help Itself, Chooses Climate Change Denier To Head Environment Subcommittee

In a House of Representatives where Michele Bachmann is on the House Intelligence Committee and Paul "Evolution is a Lie" Broun and climate change deniers Dana Rohrabacher and Lamar Smith are on the Science Committee, it only makes...

Fearing Witchcraft, House Republicans Pull Proposal For National Science Laureate

Thanks to the efforts of global warming deniers, House leadership has quietly pulled a bill that would have created an honorary, unpaid position of "American Science Laureate," saving the nation's schoolchildren from the specter of encountering dangerous pro-science messages....

Wingnut Texas Congressional Candidate Tries This ‘Reddit’ Thing, Gets Laughed Off Internet

A moment of silent regard, please, for Matt McCall, a "conservative entrepreneur" running against Lamar Smith in Texas District 12. In addition to being a wingnut climate change denier, Smith sponsored the "Stop Online Piracy Act" (SOPA), which was...

Climate Denier Lamar Smith to Head House Science Committee

By now, you have surely heard that the GOP misplaced its binder full of women and appointed only white men to head its committees. One of these white men is Representative Lamar Smith (R-Denial), who is set to chair...