lamar smith

In a House of Representatives where Michele Bachmann is on the House Intelligence Committee and Paul “Evolution is a Lie” Broun and climate change deniers Dana Rohrabacher and Lamar Smith are on the Science Committee, it only makes sense that another climate change denier on the committee, Arizona’s David Schweikert, would be named to head […]

Thanks to the efforts of global warming deniers, House leadership has quietly pulled a bill that would have created an honorary, unpaid position of “American Science Laureate,” saving the nation’s schoolchildren from the specter of encountering dangerous pro-science messages. Science magazine explains that the bill was expected to pass easily until Larry Hart of the […]

A moment of silent regard, please, for Matt McCall, a “conservative entrepreneur” running against Lamar Smith in Texas District 12. In addition to being a wingnut climate change denier, Smith sponsored the “Stop Online Piracy Act” (SOPA), which was widely despised by your computer geeky types, who partly shut down their interweb sites a while […]

By now, you have surely heard that the GOP misplaced its binder full of women and appointed only white men to head its committees. One of these white men is Representative Lamar Smith (R-Denial), who is set to chair the House Science Panel. Yes, THAT Lamar Smith, who you may remember from his courageous speech […]

There’s suddenly a whole lot of “bipartisan support” for a supposed anti-piracy law that will actually let the U.S. Government force American Internet providers to shut down all access to any website immediately. Why might that be a popular idea, in Congress, right about now? And why are these anti-government Republicans like Congressman Lamar Smith […]