labor unions

This week, we’ll be looking at our Christian textbooks’ coverage of the labor movement in the 19th century — a focus that seems especially timely on a weekend when striking BART workers in San Francisco are suspending picketing after two track workers were killed in an accident. 130 years ago, an accident like that in […]

Wisconsin’s remorseless weasel governor Scott Walker has a very important theory about why his administration has failed in epic fashion to create the 250,000 jobs he promised by the end of his first term: DAMN PROTESTERS. The state is currently leading the country in job losses, you see, because the peaceful protests against Walker’s teacher […]

General Motors is sure sounding communist these days. Maybe Scott Walker and Pedobear can catch a limo ride from the Koch Brothers over to Detroit, and then they can kill all these union members for working so hard on better products so that GM has made a profit for the first time since 2004. Reuters […]