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All-Grown-Up Cindy Brady Has Hair Of Gold, Mouth Full Of Gay Slurs

They should have just left her at the Grand Canyon.
Real picture. Only the words are shooped.

Trump Buddy Roger Stone Says Clintons Murdered JFK Jr., Maybe For Kicks

a href="http://wonkette.com/600611/perfectly-sane-researcher-just-asking-if-ted-cruzs-jerk-daddy-killed-kennedy-yes"It must be Stupid Conspiracy Theory Week on Yr Wonkette, because hot on the heels of Wednesday's revelation that Ted Cruz's dry-drunk evangelist dad might have killed JFK (although the True Science Fact is that Woody Harrelson's dad...
The truth is out there. Very, very far out there

Chemtrail Loons Yell At Arizona Congressman For Not Being Total Dipsh*t

Here's how nutso the Chemtrail People are: they're actually too crazy for a Tea Partier, Arizona Republican congresscritter Paul Gosar, DDS, who got yelled at by an assortment of chemtrail enthusiasts at Monday's meeting of the Conservative Republican Club...

Letters To The Editor: Attack Of The Clones

Ever since the Bingo Hall (Clinton campaign HQ) closed, we've experienced a tragic drop-off in whimsical nutball emails. So it was with both gratitude and relief that we opened this gem today. Apparently we should not watch any movies...

Virginia Is For Pornographers